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1. The Medium Rectangle (300×250)

Medium rectangle

This ad format supports both display / text ads, and it can also be used on mobile layouts. The best part about this ad size is that it’s easy to fit in the sidebar or inside the content area without annoying users. This ad format gets a larger ad inventory which means it is more and better rewarding ads for our advertisers. Since it’s perfectly-sized for in-content ads, it is also reported to have the best CTR for most advertisers.

2. Large Rectangle (336×280)

Large rectangle

Large rectangle is larger and more noticeable than the medium rectangle ad above, but it may fit in all users devise and it is mobile optimized. The large rectangle could easily outperform medium rectangle for your target audience as it can be placed inside the content area in between paragraphs. It supports both image and text ads. Due to its size and ideal placement in content, this ad size gets a better ad performance for advertisers.

3. The Leaderboard (728×90)


The leaderboard is a traditional banner ad size that is perfect for our site header. It supports both text and image ad formats, and it is mobile friendly. Since the leaderboard is ideal to be placed on top (inside or immediately after the website header), it gets more ads impression which means better reach for your visitors. Due to its size and prominent placement, it performs fairly well for most advertisers.

4. Half Page aka Large Skyscraper (300×600)

Half page

Large Skyscraper is a wide vertical banner also known as half page due to its size. It is ideal for advertisers who want more ad space to effectively communicate their message in ads targeting. It is a popular choice for advertisers because it tends to give more exposure for brands which means better paying ads. It can be placed in the sidebar of every post or next to the content. It is a good fit for all users devices.

5. Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

Mobile banner

Large mobile banner is a mobile-centric ad format, and it is an equivalent of the leaderboard ad format in terms of effectiveness but specifically targets small-device mobile devices. Ideally it can be placed on top just below the header. Since mobile traffic makes up a good chunk of users for NGGOSSIPS, this ad format gets a better ad inventory.

It can be placed as a less intrusive ad and as an alternate to the medium rectangle ad format.

6. Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

mobile leaderboard

Mobile leaderboard is half in height compared to the large mobile banner ad format. It is slightly less effective but also less intrusive and offers even better ad experience on smaller mobile devices. Mobile ads are popular among advertisers which means it gets a sizable ad performance. It works really well with NGGOSSIPS mobile traffic.

7. Wide Skyscraper (160×600)


The wide skyscraper is a vertical banner ad that is designed specifically for narrow sidebars. It supports both image and text ad formats and is popular choice for advertisers. It is a less intrusive ad option and easily blend in with content for visitors to interact with. It is very effective because it tends to draw more users attention towards ad.

8. Portrait (300×1050)


Portrait is a slightly wider and longer vertical banner. Due to its size, this ad format attracts brand-centric advertisers who want more ad space for their message. It is ideally placed next to the content or in the sidebar where it is more noticeable as our users scan the contents of our pages. The ad does improve user experience with ads.

9. The Billboard (970×250)


The billboard is another brand-centric ad format. It is a wide horizontal banner ad that can be ideally placed on top or bottom of your pages. It tends to get better ads due to the space it offers to the advertisers, but it has a smaller ad inventory. Regardless of the content, this ad attracts good results for our advertisers.

10. The Square (250×250)

The Square ad format beautifully fit in our website layout in a very noticeable way and it gives a better user experience for our visitors.  This ad format is a popular demand by advertisers.