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Original sins? Meet the actress who plays Faran in the reboot

Zaria Simone is an African American actress who appeared in the Original Sins season of Pretty Little Liars.

Simone had been working in the entertainment industry for quite some time at this point. Sasha, the character she plays in the television series Blackish, is largely responsible for her success as an actress.

Her last role was in the 2022 crime drama Bosch: Legacy, written by Tom Bernardo. The internet has gone absolutely nuts since it was announced that Zaria would be joining the cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sins.

How old is Zaria Simone from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sins?

Zaria will be 26 this year. Her birthday is April 25th and she was born in 1996. Simone’s full name is Zaria Simone Suggs. She is of African American descent, although she was born in Los Angeles, California.

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She had a career in modeling before working as an actress in the entertainment industry. She has a unique look and her beauty is undeniable. In addition to her talent, she has an authentic and unpolished acting style.

Zara began working toward her goal of becoming an actress while still a student in college. She auditioned for a number of roles, but each time she was passed over for the role, her confidence was shaken and she began to question her own abilities.

Nevertheless, she did not give up hope and instead became quite regimented in her behavior. Her perseverance paid off almost immediately, and today she is a brilliant actress. Her performance in Blackish received much admiration and applause from the audience.

Meet Zaria Simone Boyfriend on Instagram

Zaria is committed to the long-standing bond she has with her lover, Travon Free. 2020 marked the beginning of the couple’s courtship and they have maintained a contented partnership ever since.

Both Zaria and Travon aren’t shy when bragging about their relationship on their own social media pages. In addition, they never attend an occasion or event separately from each other.

Travon’s Instagram handle is @travon. His Instagram account has been verified and has a total of 75,000 followers there. Zaria’s Instagram name is @zariazariazaria.

As a result of her acting and modeling work, she has built a large following online and established herself as an industry powerhouse. She only follows back about a thousand people despite having 37.3k followers.

Who are Zaria Simone’s family members?

She was raised in Los Angeles, California by parents who understood her needs and spent most of her formative and teenage years there with her family. However, her family is made up of members from different ethnic groups.

Simone maintains close relationships with all members of her family. Zaria grew up in a family that was always there for her. Her mother and father cannot hide their delight at how far she has come in her professional life.

Zaria plays the role of Faran Bryant in the original series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin airing on HBO Max. The viewers are really excited about the new show and can’t wait to see Zaria perform in the TV show.

Zaria has popularized the performance on her numerous social media pages such as Instagram and Twitter.