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Chad Prather and wife Jade Prather are getting divorced, do they have children?

Chad Prather is a comedian, armchair philosopher, musician, and observational humorist. He is also the ex-husband of nursing practitioner Jade Prather. He commented on a California school’s decision to open a Planned Parenthood clinic. Jade Prather is a registered nurse.

Prather is an American political broadcaster, comedian and internet personality best known for his statements and videos posted on YouTube. He currently hosts The Chad Prather Show on BlazeTV. In the race for governor of Texas, he ran against Greg Abbott.

Chad Prather and wife Jade Prather are getting divorced

Chad and Jade filed for divorce in 2021 after being married for nine years. In 2012 the couple married. In addition, Jade works as a registered nurse in the Cook Children’s Pediatrics office. She frequently used a masquerade on her partner’s footage, which was uploaded to YouTube.

The Chad Prather Show: How to Fight with Your Wife was the title of a video that Chad uploaded to YouTube on July 14, 2018 and shared with his wife. Pointing out that struggles are inevitable in any romantic partnership, he offered advice on how to manage conflict while maintaining romantic feelings.

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Chad is a social media personality and political pundit of the conservative political wing in the United States. He is also known for sharing his life story through songs and films posted on YouTube. After being recruited by an up-and-coming TV network in 2013, the comedian began his career in the entertainment industry. He was the host of the travel show It’s My Backyard, which aired on Ride TV.

Chad comes up with the idea of ​​promoting his shows through various social media sources while he’s at work. During this time, his YouTube posted video titled “Unapologetically Southern” went viral on Fox News and another channel.

In addition, Chad made an impression on a range of other media including Fox and Friends, MSN, CNN and Nash Country Weekly. He was given the label “chair philosopher”. In his video, he’s often seen getting out of his truck wearing a cowboy hat and chatting.

Do Chad Prather and Jade Prather have children? know his family

Together, Chad and Jade are parents to four children. On the other hand, Jade was already a mother from a previous marriage. The identities of the couple’s children have been kept secret across all of their social media platforms.

In addition, Chad was taken into a loving family in New Jersey at birth. In August, Georgia, he was raised and cared for by his father, Pete Prather, and mother, Gloria Prather. After graduating from Westside High School, the comedian enrolled at the University of Georgia to pursue further education.

In 2016, Chad embarked on the Kings of Cowtown World Comedy Tour with his friend and fellow comic Cowboy Bill Martin, a native of Forth Worth, Texas. He then worked with Steve McGrew on the recording of the song “I’ve Got Friends in Safe Spaces” which was eventually released.

Chad Prather Current girlfriend

That Prather has a girlfriend is a closely guarded secret that she keeps to herself. Jaye Lerose and Chad developed a strong friendship during their time together. On April 5, 2020, they uploaded the video showing how they became closer while in isolation. They revealed the nature of their connection throughout the song.

Aside from that, Prather hasn’t revealed any information about relevant people on any of his social pages. Another point to consider is that the political analyst is more focused on advancing their profession. After announcing that he would run for Texas governor in 2022, he began his career in politics the next year, in 2020.

Even I am for the funding, and in June 2021, the Prather Act got the ball rolling to complete the construction of the southern Texas border wall.