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WWE’s Vince McMahon is the subject of yet another lawsuit

WWE’s Vince McMahon was hit with another lawsuit this month following his sudden return to the company and his promotion to CEO of the WWE Board of Directors. Two court cases have already been announced, accusing him of breaching fiduciary duties, disrupting the company by changing some bylaws and trying to block his return to the board of directors and a possible sale to WWE. This new suit – according to bloomberg – Targeted at McMahon’s allegations of sexual assault, a group of investors is reportedly suing McMahon over her push to cover up allegations of misconduct.

The other group of investors, meanwhile — those suing over McMahon’s alleged history of paying to cover up sexual harassment accusations — are seeking to separate their case from the standardized procedure. This could keep the regulation claims alive, and interfere with any fee demand. “,” Bloomberg reported.

The Wall Street Journal It was previously reported that McMahon paid nearly $20 million in non-disclosure agreements to several women, including former wrestlers and employees of WWE, to keep various sexual misconduct allegations quiet. Then it was reported last week that McMahon recently settled with Rita Chatterton for millions of dollars. The former WWE referee accused McMahon of raping her back in the mid-1980s and filed for a settlement late last year.

This story develops…

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