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Why isn’t Wren Eleanor’s dad in the picture? Mom Jacquelyn and TikTok drama

A famous Tiktok star, Wren Eleanor started her career at a young age and quickly rose to the top. She is widely known for her funny videos, as well as her family and lifestyle choices.

Jacquelyn, Eleanor’s mother, is responsible for the famous TikTok profile called @wren.eleanor. They managed to get 17 million followers.

It is a common belief that Jacquelyn is harming her child and she is fully aware of the fact that this is the case. The people using the internet believe that she is supporting crazy people and perverts online and hence they want their account deactivated due to their concern.

Given that Eleanor’s mother is so famous, viewers wonder why Eleanor’s father stayed silent throughout the film.

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Why isn’t Wren Eleanor’s father in the picture?

Wren Eleanor’s father’s appearance in one of her Tiktok videos is completely missing. This creates the impression that Jacquelyn is a mother raising her child(ren) alone. Likewise, Jacquelyn has not revealed any information about her marriage or boyfriend.

On the internet you may find many different theories as to who Eleanor’s father is. One of them claims that Eleanor’s father may have been arrested and that she was born to a surrogate mother instead of her birth mother. These proverbs, on the other hand, do not have sufficient evidence to support them.

Despite being a single mother, Jacquelyn provides her daughter with exceptional care and showers her with all the love and attention only a mother can muster. Wren just recently celebrated her third year on this planet.

On Wren’s third birthday, her mom shared a TikTok video where she talked about how time had flown and how proud she was of her daughter. From the videos Jacquelyn posts on TikTok, it’s clear that she and her child treat each other like friends and hang out together.

Wren Eleanor’s mother becomes the subject of controversy – Reddit drama explained

As a result of the Wren Eleanor incident, many parents deleted videos and photos of their children that were posted on social media. They’ve also completely disabled the ability for readers to comment on their social media posts.

Recently, netizens began to speculate that Jacquelyn deliberately engaged in such behavior in order to gain fame for her daughter. There are many threads on Reddit expressing concern about the situation. A movement has been sparked as a direct result of circumstances.

It seems that the majority of the items contained in Eleanor’s Tiktok are not dangerous in any way. Most of these involve little girls popping water balloons or eating various foods. The content is monetized through sponsorships, and Jacquelyn makes a good living from the infamous Tiktok account.

According to a post on Reddit, Wren’s mother is allegedly responsible for uploading indecent content about the teen that is aimed at an adult audience. The infant is reportedly in danger, according to the Reddit discussion.

A person named u/hannahkristianna on Reddit wrote that Jacquelyn “provides her content for online creeps,” and the comment was posted on the social networking site. The person shared a series of images, including a clip from a video showing a man reacting to the boy eating a hot dog and footage of the child inappropriately holding a razor. Other images showed the toddler eating a hot dog.

Since then, a deeper conversation has emerged about parents posting pictures of their children on various forms of social media. There has been much debate as to whether or not it is appropriate to use photographs of minors.