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Who is she? Age Wiki for Mack Horton’s girlfriend and her Instagram bio

The most famous thing about Ella Walter is that she is the stunning girlfriend of Australian gold medalist Mack Horton.

Mack is an Australian freestyle swimmer who has won an Olympic gold medal, a medal at the World Championships and a medal at the Commonwealth Games. He won the 400-meter freestyle at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

He became the first male swimmer from Victoria to win a gold medal at the Games when he took home his first. Mack competed for his nation for the first time at the 2012 Junior Pan Pacific Championship in Honolulu, where he placed first in the 1500 meter freestyle.

Outside of his career, he enjoys spending time with his stunning partner Ella. Here’s everything we know about his stunning fiancée.

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Ella Walter: who is she?

Mack Horton, an Australian freestyle swimmer, is engaged to the beautiful Ella Walter; The two have been together since high school.

The Australian freestyle swimmer broke engagement news to his high school sweetheart in January. Horton posted a picture of Ella grinning as she showed off her beautiful diamond engagement ring on Instagram to share the good news.

Ella Walter proudly shows off her engagement ring

Horton added a champagne emoji to the caption of the Instagram post, which read, “To the rest of our lives.” Ella appears to have just emerged from the waves in the picture, with wet brunette hair and a stunning beachscape in the background.

Ella, a nurse by trade, lives life to the fullest with Horton, the love of her life. She proudly displayed her gorgeous three stone engagement ring while resting her head in her palms and exuding an exquisite air.

A former Sunrise host named Samantha Armytage was among her close friends who immediately spoke up to congratulate the newlyweds on their wonderful news. Ella also posted a video of Harton surprising her. She called Harton “the master of surprises” in the caption.

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Age of Mack Horton’s partner Ella Walter

Considering Ella Walter’s looks and looks, she is most likely in her 20s. Although she hasn’t revealed much personal information, @ellawalter is her Instagram name.

She frequently shares heartfelt pictures of herself and her partner having fun. We checked out her Instagram and found that she loves to travel and has been to some stunning places with her partner and friends.

Ella also owns a cute dog and regularly posts pictures of the two online. She is optimistic and loves spending time with her loved ones. She likes to use Instagram to share beautiful photos of herself with her friends.

Ella Walter, a registered nurse, and Mark Horton, her high school sweetheart, are happily engaged. She is also a swimmer, and she and her partner competed in inter-school swimming competitions when they were in school.

Ella Walter gets along well with her dog and Mack Harton

Walter is best known for pushing her boyfriend to the ground for years. Horton is a renowned freestyle swimmer who has won numerous awards. The couple met in elementary school and attended all the elementary schools at Caulfield Grammar School.

When Horton was the school captain and the two were in sixth grade, they only later became friends. The couple enjoy each other’s company and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life together.

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Ella Walter can be easily reached under the handle @ellawalter on Instagram. She has an impressive 407 posts on Instagram and over 4.9k followers thanks to her moderate activity there.

Numerous pictures of her and her high school boyfriend have been shared online. Ella is naturally happy and frequently sends heartfelt photos to his friends and family. She never forgets to show her loved ones how much she cares about them.

At Christmas, Ella Walter and Mack Horton

The young couple recently announced their engagement and could be getting married soon. However, both have kept their marriage plans a secret and may soon announce the happy news of their marriage.

Ella is an integral part of the life of a freestyle swimmer. The couple has been inseparable since school and always found time for each other despite busy schedules.

Fans are immediately excited to learn more about their love story and wish the happy couple all the best.