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Who is Jarid Haddock Yakima Circle K shooter, his age, family, Facebook, pictures

The authorities finally located the suspect in the random killing of 3 at a Circle K convenience store in Yakima, Washington DC on Monday, know the age and family of Jarid Haddock

The cops revealed on Tuesday that they have nabbed a 21-year-old Jarid Haddock of Yakima County in connection with the shooting after he borrowed a stranger’s phone to call his mother and confessed to what he had done.

The investigators were able to locate Jarid down after hours of manhunt since he fatally shot 3 people at Circle K at around 3:00 p.m. local time.

Who is Jarid Haddock Yakima Circle K shooter, his age, family, Facebook and pictures

As per a statement given by Yakima Police Chief, Matthew Murray, the suspect had reportedly fled from the scene of shooting in a great or silver Chrysler 200.

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The police chief furthermore revealed that it is possible that the suspect had killed the driver of the car before escaping in it and if that’s the case then the driver would be his 4th victim.

The authorities were able to locate the suspect after one of his family members called the police at around 2:15 p.m local time to report that Jarid was hiding “behind some warehouses,” in the city.

The suspect was located by the cops who discovered that he had reportedly suffered from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As per the statement given by Murray, the suspect was presently being treated by emergency personnel. He furthermore clarified that no cops have fired at him.

He even stated that the attack was totally “random,” and the gunman allegedly walked to the store and started shooting at people. As of now there isn’t any clear motive behind his actions.

In addition, he also stated that the videos of the scene have revealed that Jarid has shot at Chrysler, which he used for escape and in the video the passengers can be seen in the car who were moving across the passengers seats.

However, whether Jarid has killed the driver or not, it’s yet to be confirmed by the authorities. The identification of the victims are yet to be revealed by the investigators.

The attack at the convenience store is another outbreak of violence in the early weeks of 2023 as the U.S suffers a wave of mass killings that has claimed to have taken dozens lives.

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