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Where is Harold Henthorn now and is he locked up? Information about his arrest

Harold Henthorn was an extremely clever and cunning assassin. A jury convicted him of killing his second wife, Toni Bertolet, based on evidence he murdered his first wife, Sandra “Lynn” Henthorn.

When Harold played the same prank on Toni, they realized that Harold was a cold-blooded, rapacious killer, even though authorities initially thought Sandra’s death was an accident.

Henthorn killed his wives to inherit life insurance policies. After Lynn’s death, he received $500,000, and his goal was to get a substantial portion of Toni’s $4.7 million life insurance claim.

But because the prosecution convinced the jury that Harold was guilty, he couldn’t use the money. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment with no prospect of parole.

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Where is Harold Henthorn right now? Is he imprisoned?

Harold Henthorn was held in a federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. He most likely will not leave the federal prison system until his death. Henthorn’s appeal against his trial or conviction is unlikely to succeed, as the US Supreme Court declined to hear his case.

A federal jury found Harold guilty of pushing his second wife Toni off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012. The $4.7 million life insurance policy that Henthorn bought for his wife would have been paid out, prosecutors reasoned.

Harold pleaded not guilty and has consistently maintained his innocence. In 2015, after about ten and a half hours of deliberation, a jury convicted Henthorn of murder.

Additionally, Henthorn’s first wife, Lynn, who mysteriously died in Douglas County in 1995, was believed to have been murdered by him, according to prosecutors and police detectives.

Henthorn demands that the sentence against him be set aside. Documents acquired by CBS4 Denver say a new trial was ordered because Henthorn claimed his attorney, Craig Truman, charged him more than $1 million for his representation but “offered no defense.”

Both Nathan Chambers, Henthorn’s most recent attorney, and Truman have declined to comment on the situation.

Harold Henthorn: Who is he? Our knowledge of his arrest

In 2017, the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit dismissed his argument that the jury was biased against him because he spoke about the strange death of Harold Henthorn’s first wife Lynn and a serious accident Toni had the year before. wanted to testify.

And in 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled not to hear the case, which received much media coverage thanks to shows like CBS’ 48 Hours newsmagazine.

After his first wife left, Harold remarried. He did this after seeing Dr. Toni Jill Bertolet Henthorn found online. Toni was a wealthy optometrist who lived near her family in Mississippi, but Harold persuaded her to go with him to Colorado instead.

Haley, the couple’s only child, was born in 2005, and at first glance they seemed extremely content. On September 29, 2012, Toni and her hiking companion were in Rocky Mountain National Park when Toni’s brother received a horrific text message.

When emergency services arrived, Toni had already died after falling from 42 m and Harold had even dialed 911.

How old is Harold Henthorn today?

Harold Henthorn was born on January 10, 1962 making him 60 years old. He was 50 years old when his wife Toni died.

In 2015, Harold was sentenced to life in federal prison after being framed for first-degree murder. Harold remained adamant about his innocence and appealed at a new trial in 2017, which was subsequently dismissed.

In 2019, he filed a “Writ of certiorari” petition with the US Supreme Court, requesting that the matter be investigated, but it was again denied.