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What’s the “Fantasy Forest” trend on TikTok? origin and challenge

TikTok’s latest trend, Fantasy Forest, has been successful in attracting users to the platform thanks to its engaging content.

TikTok has launched an intriguing new trend and its users can’t believe their eyes when they see it. It’s no wonder that users are already starting to venture to the plate and tackle this new social media obstacle.

The new trend seems to be a bit different from the typical things found on the platform, which has captivated viewers as well as users due to its novelty. The Tiktoker has had a good time following the Fantasy Forest up to this point.

In addition, viewers enjoyed watching it and participating in the trend while being followed by everyone. Let’s explore this further and learn more about the new challenge and its implications, shall we?

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What is Fantasy Forest trending on TikTok?

The Fantasy Forest trend on TikTok consists mostly of question and answer sessions that use a variety of images depicting forests. This trend has been leveraged in a variety of unique ways by each user who has successfully attracted thousands of visitors to their respective material.

One of the users has followed the pattern of using photos of forests and unusual creatures while asking, “You are all alone in the forest… what creature would you try to escape from?”

In addition, the user has included the hashtags “dream” and “forest” in the videos containing his content. Meanwhile, viewers commented on the videos with their thoughts and ideas on the question.

Other users have similarly incorporated compelling images of the forest into their own content and asked viewers of ... a variety of questions.

The relationship test, often known as the relationship psychology exam, is one of the most popular types of questions found in TikTok’s forest category today. The user then asks three questions accompanied by hypothetical situations, and the answers to these questions are linked to the personality of the individual.

The first thing I want you to do is put yourself in a forest and introduce yourself there. When you look around, what are the first and second animals you see?

The second part of the question involves the assumption that you are standing in front of a shack and asking yourself, “Do you walk around it, knock before you go in, or just bang in?”

The last question requires you to find a pitcher and then answer either “none”, “full” or “half full” to the following question: “How much water is in it?”

Fantasy Forest Trend origin and challenge

Around the middle of 2022, Fantasy Forest became a fad on TikTok. A person with the username julieandcorey was the one who initiated the question and answer portion of the relational psychology exam.

It was she who started the trend by putting her man to the test. The challenge is all about answering the questions and learning about yourself in the process.

Similarly, in mid-2022, the deep wonder released the film, which featured a mix of the fantasy forest and other species.

Fantasy Forest TikTok Compilation Videos

Nowadays, Fantasy Forest compilation movies posted on TikTok can be found practically everywhere on social media platforms. People took separate video clips and combined them into a single video, creating what is known as a compilation video.

Viewers, on the other hand, seem to be enjoying the trend, the compilation videos, the question-answering, and everything else related to the fad. It should come as no surprise that the majority of people have appreciated it up to this point.

As a result, people who have paid attention to the trend have accumulated thousands of likes and comments and millions of views.