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What is Tichina Arnold’s current net worth after her divorce with Rico Hines?

What is Tichina Arnold’s current net worth after her divorce with Rico Hines?

Rico Hines and Tichina Arnold are now officially divorced. According to court records, their divorce became final on July 15 of this year.

The divorce has yet to receive any comments from Arnold and Hines’ attorneys. In August 2021, Arnold divorced his wife. In 2016, Arnold’s agent officially admitted the breakup.

After a five-year dispute, Tichina Arnold is finally getting divorced.…

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Investigating Tichina Arnold net worth

Tichina Arnold started working when she was a little girl. Her appearances on shows like Martin, Everybody Hates Chris, Survivor’s Remorse, The Neighborhood, and others have earned her praise.

The 53-year-old is reportedly worth around $2 million by CelebrityNetWorth. Although details of her net worth are not known, her main source of income comes from her work in the entertainment sector.

Arnold made her acting debut in the 1986 horror comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors. She later rose to fame and continued to star in films such as Scenes from a Mall and How I Got into College. Both Ryan’s Hope on ABC and All My Children cast her in a recurring role as Sharla Valentine.

Pamela James was represented by Tichina in Martin. She has also appeared on Civil Brand, Big Mommas House, Wild Hogs and One on One. She played the key role in The Lena Baker Story and appeared as Rochelle in the comedy Everybody Hates Chris.

In 2009, she appeared in the stage production of The Wiz and provided her voice for the adult animated series The Boondocks. She then had a cameo as Aunt Nancy in the Disney XD comedy Pair of Kings. In the sitcom Happily Divorced, she played Fran Lovett’s best friend alongside Fran Drescher.

In 1998, Tichina Arnold founded China Moon Rags, a fashion headwear company. Celebrity friends of Arnold such as Tisha Campbell, Regina King, Vivica A. Fox, LisaRaye McCoy and others used the merchandise.

Rico Hines and Tichina Arnold’s divorce is declared

By playing a sextape of Rico cheating on her, the Drillbit Taylor star revealed their breakup to a select group of people. Despite Arnold’s assurances that there was no one on her side behind the film, it quickly became popular. However, she added that Hines previously cheated on her. She expressed:

“I felt that he should be more than just my husband; he should also be my buddy and my confidant. someone i can trust. And a problem arises when you can’t trust the person you’re spending the night with. I’ve lost trust in him. I couldn’t lie with him anymore. That’s why he’s not a bad person. We all make mistakes, but not in my life, in my time, or with me.

She saved herself and stood up for women who didn’t know how to save themselves, Arnold said, ignoring Hines’ previous mistakes. Tichina admitted to People that she was considering dating again but wasn’t sure about getting married again given her advanced age.

Tichina Arnold has a daughter named Alijah Kai with music producer Carvin Haggins; She was previously married to Lamon Brewster.