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What happened to Sevgi in another self ending?

What happened to Sevgi in another self ending?

On July 28, 2022, Turkish drama Another Self was made available on Netflix. The eight-episode series followed three closest friends as they worked through their issues and coped with their past traumas in the quiet, beautiful hamlet of Ayvalik.

The main theme of the series is friendship, and Ada, Sevgi and Leyla prove to be the epitome of friendship goals in it. Love, spirituality, contemplation, attaining inner peace, family relationships, generational concerns and more were among the other themes covered in the series.

Tuba Büyüküstün, Seda Bakan, Boncuk Ylmaz, Murat Boz, Füsun Demirel, Frat Tanş, Rza Kocaolu and Serkan Altunorak all had roles in the series directed by Burcu Alptekin. The picturesque locations and dazzling performances by the cast both added to the program’s appeal.

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Can healing past hurts pave the way for a better future? is another summary of the self-story.

Another Self is a series of eight episodes in which the protagonist travels on a mystical, spiritual journey of healing, trying to find answers to questions. The three closest friends at the center of the story are social media influencer Leyla, general surgeon Ada and lawyer Sevgi, who is suffering from cancer.

Sevgi made the decision to go to Zaman’s Spiritual Healing Haven in Ayvalik after getting fed up with her medical therapies failing her. She brought Ada and Leyla, but they were kept in the dark about her boyfriend’s family constellation session. A month later, Sevgi’s cancer remarkably disappeared and she finally informed her friends about Zaman’s life-saving cure.

A staunch advocate for biomedicine and a science-driven career, Ada was upset by her friend’s decision to abandon her years of medical school in favor of irrational, mystical practice. Ada had had hand tremors that severely interfered with her surgical procedures unbeknownst to the other two.

Leyla also struggled with the water. She had never been able to understand why she was always afraid to go near the water for fear of drowning. These issues eventually took center stage in the women’s lives, forcing them to visit Zaman’s retreat as recommended by Sevgi.

After that, Another Self focused mostly on Ayvalik, and a lot of the dynamics played out in the small village, with Tropaz – ex – Ada also showing up. At the retreat, Sevgi began a relationship with Fiko, the owner of a small cafe, while Leyla had to face music when her husband left her and their son.

Does Sevgi still have an illness?

Ada eventually resolved her generational issues in her matrilineal background and past traumas after accepting and embracing Zaman’s practice despite her academic orientation. But the way she lived now was anything but safe. She became pregnant because of her husband Selim’s infidelity to a colleague.

Ada was already dealing with the reality that her father had a different family than her own, so this was the last straw for her. After eventually divorcing Selim, she went back to Ayvalik, where Fiko and Sevgi began to take their relationship seriously.

Their harmonious union was complicated by Sevgi’s mother, Muko, who disapproved of Fiko and blamed Sevgi’s change in behavior on Zaman’s treatment. Zaman’s practice was shut down after Muko complained about him.

Leyla, meanwhile, was shocked that her spouse was a criminal and was now being held by the police. Ada and her best friends reunited in Ayvalik where they urged her to give Tropaz another chance because he was the only person she had ever truly loved.

The conclusion of Another Self involved Fiko proposing to Sevgi and everyone present at their wedding. Tropaz and Ada reunited and came to terms with their shared past tragedy. After they decided to work together as partners, Leyla helped Fiko find a new location to open his cafe. Finally, Zaman announced that he would be taking time off from his job to travel.

However, Ada and Sevgi’s happiness was fleeting. After her marriage, Sevgi found a letter from her mother that she had hidden until late at night. Her father had been shot before she was born and the story proved true. The man she thought was her father was actually just a friend who had promised to take care of her and her mother.

Sevgi was overcome by the revelation and passed out; Fiko spotted him on the floor. She had stopped taking her medication since she thought Zaman had cured her cancer, but it was later found that her condition had returned.

Ada was unable to leave Sevgi while she was ill, and Tropaz’s daughter Flor and her mother Eva unexpectedly showed up, putting an end to the couple’s intentions of moving to the Netherlands. Ada had to make a decision at the end of Another Self when Tropaz and Eva’s kiss thwarted her plans for a while.

Ada reached out to Zaman after learning that he also studied medicine and worked as a doctor because she was upset that Sevgi’s cancer had returned. Also, he was forced by his estranged son to take on the role of a father figure to everyone else. The series ended with all three ladies reuniting at one of Zaman’s sessions, but even then, Zaman’s techniques remained a mystery.

Regarding the future of the characters, Another Self’s conclusion left many questions unanswered. Although it kind of came full circle as the protagonists evolved into a different version of themselves through lots of introspection and some mysticism, it would still work just as well with an unfinished ending. In the end, the series left some of the mystery up to individual interpretation.

The second season of Another Self wouldn’t be so terrible with the right script, though, if it solved unresolved issues from the previous season. The entire eight-part run of the Turkish drama is available now on Netflix.