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This massive 40,000mAh power bank from Anker will keep all your devices charged for just $56

Anker 347 portable power bank

This high capacity power bank from Anker holds up to 40,000mAh capacity. It can charge a MacBook 2.6 times and an iPhone 13 7.5 times.

Although battery life and performance on devices have improved over the years, sometimes we still need a little extra power to get through our day. For this reason, power banks can be a life saver, especially when you can’t find time to charge or don’t have a power outlet available. While there are all kinds of different shapes and sizes, the 40,000mAh from Anker is a great option, giving you enough capacity to easily keep several devices charged. The power bank recently received a huge discount, knocking it 43 percent off its retail price, and now it’s down to $56 for a limited time.

For starters, the 40,000mAh Anker power bank features a total of four USB ports, with two USB-A and two USB-C ports. This is great because it means you can charge up to four devices simultaneously. The power bank offers charging speeds of up to 30W USB-C and can also charge compatible laptops such as Apple MacBooks. While the power bank can provide blazing-fast charging speeds for larger devices such as laptops and tablets, it also has the ability to charge smaller devices such as wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

As you might expect from a brand like Anker, safety precautions are in place with its devices, as the 40,000mAh power bank features a fire-resistant enclosure, temperature monitoring, overcharge protection, and more. Of course, with that much capacity, you’re getting a slightly bulky power bank, but from the looks of it, it has solid reviews and the performance looks great. As mentioned earlier, this power bank is normally $100 and in this latest deal, you can get it for just $56, which is 43 percent off the retail price.

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