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The Indiana swim coach has been accused of stalking a model for OnlyFans and sending obscene texts to her

The Indiana swim coach has been accused of stalking a model for OnlyFans and sending obscene texts to her
By sending her pictures of her with her boyfriend, OnlyFans model Matt Papachronis, 45, harassed her and sent her obscene text messages.

Matt Papachronis, a 45-year-old former Hamilton South East School District swim coach, was arrested July 20 for allegedly stalking an unnamed OnlyFans model. The woman was unaware of the depth of his pushy behavior and finally became aware of it in May when Matt drove into her town and forced someone to deliver a message to her.

The note, which said the money, or “investment” as he called it, would help the woman give herself the life she deserves, was given to her by an 8-year-old for whom he paid $5 . Fearing for her safety, the model reportedly suffered a power outage while watching her boyfriend play baseball.

PS: I will no longer be personally following you here, the memo added. you were always safe I just wanted to verify it myself. “Love and respect MJP aka JP,” he captioned the note. After the victim informed the police, a thorough investigation revealed that the strange behavior was more extensive. The model claimed moderators and account managers charge a fee for replying to her messages on OnlyFans and she rarely checks them. She has been receiving worrying messages from ChiGuy34 for some time.

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He provided images of the model, her boyfriend and even her residence in the lyrics before May. He also shared a photo of the baseball game with the caption, “I was 10 feet from you,” and a photo of the trip they took just before the game. Then a moderator asked if he was stalking her. He replied: “I have, for sure, for a day”. I’m not happy with it. Despite my embarrassment, I told the truth. At least part of it By monitoring Matt’s phone and whereabouts on May 14, police were able to personally link the account to him.

He added: “I literally saw the two of you doing everything together for the past two plus days. “I was standing next to you when you took the picture at today’s game. You can’t hide it.” He also said how he “saw it all” the night before when he saw her in bed with a man. He rented a Camry under his wife’s name and drove it all the way to Wisconsin.

The Hamilton South East School District, where he previously worked, issued the following statement to Fox 59: “We are aware of the arrest of assistant swim coach Matt Papachronis on an out-of-state warrant. He worked as an amateur coach at HSE from 2002 to 2009 and returned in 2018 to take on the role of assistant swim coach. Since then his employment has ended.