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The Choice Of Pillow Depends On The Age Of The Child

What is the principle of choosing a baby pillow so that the child likes it, supports the spine in the correct position, forms a beautiful posture and at the same time is inexpensive?

Let’s figure it out.

The child is growing rapidly, and his body parameters are changing, so all pillows are clearly divided by age.

0-2 years

The back of a newborn baby is completely straight, bends are formed in the first years of life. And on what kind of pillow you choose for a child, ...ure that he will have all his life largely depends.

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It is not necessary to raise the child’s head above the surface of the mattress! With memory foam baby pillows, your baby’s head rests securely on the mattress. Why, then, do you need a pillow at all? So that the cervical curves of the spine are formed correctly.

From 3 years

Pillow height 4-6 cm is perfect for a child 3-6 years old. If possible, choose materials of natural origin – bamboo, down, natural latex. They are well-ventilated and do not overheat the child’s head. It is desirable that the cover is also made of natural materials, such as cotton.

A good option plant pillow made from natural latex. Latex is elastic, not hard, and pleasant to the touch material. On such a pillow, the baby will sleep with pleasure.

From 7 years old

A child over 5-7 years old can already sleep on an orthopedic pillow 6-10 cm high. Such pillows are considered the most beneficial for the health of both adults and children. They support the cervical spine in the correct position, which is the prevention of scoliosis. The problem is that only some can sleep on such models; with the habit, an orthopedic pillow may seem comfortable. If a child sleeps on it from childhood, he will retain this useful habit for life.

Over 14 years old

Teenagers are suitable not only for children, but also for adult models, because they have the same height and weight as an adult. The rules for choosing a pillow are the same as for adults therefore you should also focus on their mattress and choose wisely with Sweet zzz mattress, and depend on the sleeping position. A soft, low pillow is preferable if the child sleeps on his stomach.

The favorite sleeping position on the side is then, on the contrary, high, because the head is high above the bed and needs support. A square pillow with a side insert that can be placed on edge works well.

Any model that a teenager chooses for sleeping on your back is suitable. One of the healthiest options is to choose pillow of shape memory foam, that precisely adjusts to the contours of the body and promotes fast falling asleep. The top layer with cooling gel conducts heat deep into the pillow, so the surface always remains a little cool. This is not only pleasant, but also useful – the head does not overheat.


Choose pillows designed for your child of your age. Look carefully at the height and shape of the model, as well as the filler. A well-chosen pillow will not only help the child fall asleep quickly, but also form a beautiful posture.