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The $2,000 text-based indie title is now the most expensive game on Steam

hidden and unknown, a text-based puzzle, has become Steam’s most expensive game. The standalone title retails for $1,999.90.

Developed and published by ProX, The Hidden and Unknown is a single-player game that “aims to broaden its audience’s perception in the fields of psychology and philosophy,” according to its Steam page. Labeled as a visual novel, The Hidden and Unknown offers a mystery narrative along with simple backgrounds, such as a soccer field, a bedroom, and a classroom. ProX describes The Hidden and Unknown in abstract language, revealing little about the actual gameplay and inviting players to learn lessons about the nature of life and reality through the game.


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At $1,999.90, The Hidden and Unknown has the highest price of any product offered on Steam. The new puzzle game tops out the Kagura Bundle, priced at $1,692.98. Kagura Bundle includes over a hundred indie role-playing games with anime-style illustrations and sexual content from publisher Kagura Games. ProX makes no justification for The Hidden Unknown’s prohibitive cost, only including a warning in the game’s description: “If you are often offended rather than respond rationally, avoiding this game would be a wise course of action.”

The Hidden and Unknown is the first game from ProX. the Developer site It connects to various social media platforms, such as Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram, which give no indication of the developer’s identity. A three-minute video on the ProX YouTube channel titled What is brooks?featuring a developer’s narrative about the Industrial Revolution as a cause of depression and the developer’s guiding principle to Learn, Understand, Adapt, and Grow, or “LUAG” The video description claims ProX is a small team of individuals united by the “LUAG” principle.

Currently, The Hidden and Unknown has three customer reviews on its Steam page, two positive and one negative. The two reviews the indie game recommends are comically short and offer a bit of insight: “Would buy again. 10/10” and “Worth every penny.” Community members are clearly aware of this and don’t take the comments seriously, as the majority of the reactions to the comments call them “funny” instead of “helpful”.

Calling previous reviews a joke, the latest review by user TheRealMW shares the opposite opinion, calling The Hidden and Unknown “the worst game ever” and a “glorious backstory simulator”. TheRealMW criticizes the indie title’s poor writing and art, identifying the high price point as a “marketing gimmick”. Concluding the review, the user urges viewers to look for higher quality free games instead.

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