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Rachael Wilson aka Freckled Zelda from AGT is a TikTok star

Freckled Zelda is a popular internet personality who posts content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

She releases cosplays and performs music while taking on the role of a fairy in front of audiences around the world who are completely captivated by her. Her films often focus on upbeat and stimulating ocarina solos performed by herself or other musicians. Her tone is often described as cheerful, even funny, and whimsical.

In the ninth episode of the seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent, which aired in prime time on NBC, Freckled Zelda made her official debut to an even larger audience than she could previously reach.

Who is Rachael Wilson aka Freckled Zelda from AGT?

On the internet, Rachael Wilson is known by the nickname Freckled Zelda, which she uses when publishing.

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Zelda pretended to be a “music fairy” from “Freckle Forest” when she first met Link. This drew the focus to her beautification. Zelda could be seen playing a wind instrument known as an ocarina hanging around her neck.

The jury was also pointed out by Freckled Zelda that the ocarina can also be played as a sweet potato whistle. With a performance of the song “Colors of the Wind”, accompanied by an ocarina, Freckled Zelda was able to convince the initially skeptical jury.

Freckled Zelda received a unanimous vote of approval from the judges and was featured in the Disney film Pocahontas, which performed the original version of the song by Judy Kuhn.

Freckled Zelda posts covers of songs she performed on the Ocarina on a channel she maintains on the video-sharing website YouTube. She also uploads a video in which she appears in front of an audience and attends congresses.

Her TikTok account also contains videos she recorded at conventions that can be viewed there. In many of Zelda’s videos, she can be seen secretly approaching cosplayers while playing ocarina in the background. This keeps them from noticing their presence until they look up.

In addition to covers, Zelda also performs live performances of her original songs, which can be found on Spotify along with some of her other songs. Both the ocarina and the guitar feature on her latest hit, “I Feel Rather Sad,” which she wrote herself. Their original songs often feature both instruments.

Freckled The original songs for Zelda often contain elements of each of these instruments. Also, lovers can get their hands on colored contact lenses and ocarinas, both instruments she plays. These are available from a selection of stores, all credited on their Instagram page. In addition, she runs her own shop for her goods.

Freckled Zelda is a TikTok star

On the social media platform TikTok, Freckled Zelda has amassed more than 7 million followers and the content she has published on the platform has received more than 170 million likes.

Her videos almost never go below a million views. Using video-sharing platform TikTok, she offered her followers a sneak peek at a clip from her upcoming appearance on America’s Got Talent. Zelda has uploaded a few videos to YouTube where she talks about her performance and experience on America’s Got Talent.

Zelda says in one of the videos that she will be going to the set of America’s Got Talent as a fairy and that the production team has never had a music fairy before. Zelda also mentions that she will be the first musical fairy.

In response to a comment on Freckled Zelda’s TikTok channel that she was putting on excessive cosmetics, the latter uploaded a short video to her channel. As part of this video, she showed how she applies her makeup.

Her signature fairy look is achieved through the use of eye contact, false eyelashes and lip liner, as well as the use of prosthetic ears and the occasional application of concealer. Also, she has fake eyelids.

You can also see videos of Freckled Zelda performing backstage on America’s Got Talent on her account on the TikTok video sharing platform. These films show how happy she is to be on the show she is on and they show how excited she is.

In addition, Zelda shares clips on her channel where she is accompanied by other cosplayers. There is a possibility that Zelda will be shown in the videos playing music for the other characters to observe their reactions to the audio.

Freckled Zelda is a TikTok star

There are over 300,000 people following Freckled Zelda on Instagram and she has seven million followers on TikTok. Freckled Zelda is an internet phenomenon.

Zelda’s parents and her family’s past are largely a mystery to us, although we are aware that she has a deep love of music and enjoys playing the role of a fairy when given the chance. No information on Zelda can be found elsewhere as she does not make the details of her private life public.