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Peloton Guide Review | Tom guide

The world of connected home gym equipment is vast and expensive, but one little gadget that breaks the mold is the Peloton Guide. unlike Peloton Bike PlusAnd Peloton treador Tempo Studio, the guide won’t make you feel like you’re turning your living room into a gym, or take up a lot of space if you’re not blessed with space (welcome to my world). The Peloton Guide is Peloton’s Strength Showcase – designed to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you reach your strength training goals. You can connect it to your TV, and the device uses machine learning and smart camera technology to provide a personal training experience, from the comfort of your living room.

But how does it compare to other products in Peloton’s repertoire, and is it worth its price tag and ongoing monthly subscription? To learn more, I installed the little box in my living room for three months, and used it for weekly strength classes. Read my full review in the Peloton Guide to learn more.

Peloton Guide review: Price and availability