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Pasadena storm damage: The hurricane caused significant destruction across the city during severe weather in Southeast Texas on Tuesday, January 24

Pasadena, Texas (KTRK) – The city of Pasadena suffered significant damage from the storm after severe weather traversed Southeast Texas on Tuesday.

Shortly before 3 p.m., the National Weather Service said a “large, extremely dangerous, and potentially deadly” tornado was on the ground near Pasadena and headed toward Baytown. The hurricane emergency warning was the first of its kind in the Houston area.

Most of the damage from the storm was concentrated in the Pasadena area, where vehicles were overturned, buildings were blown to pieces, and one injury was reported. Authorities say the injury was deemed non-life-threatening.

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ABC13 had several crews around town covering the storm’s impact.

Charity buildings in Pasadena were damaged

Some buildings near Bansi used for charity were severely damaged in the storm. A man who said he was part of a charitable organization spoke to ABC13 about how he witnessed the powerful tornado.

Storm survivor describes riding a Pasadena tornado

A CrossFit business owner and now a storm survivor spoke to us and described how he and his buddies had to search for cover in his company’s restroom to survive. He said he was glad they were all able to revive her.

A couple rides a dangerous tornado in a travel trailer

A Pasadena couple in an RV shared their experience, saying they had to crawl inside and get to the safest place.

A woman cries after her dance studio was severely damaged

ABC13’s Miya Shay met a passionate dance instructor who injured her knee while trying to keep her safe.

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