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One Piece chapter 1073 spoilers leaked, launch date and time revealed

The early spoilers for One Piece manga chapter 1073 have now been leaked on-line, nevertheless what date and time will it launch?

The One Piece manga will doubtless be taking a break subsequent week; however, followers across the globe are already counting proper all the way down to this weekend’s chapter 1073.

Whilst the official launch stays to be some fays away, that hasn’t stopped the enduring assortment from trending on social media due to the leaked spoilers.

Here is all of the issues that followers should know, along with the discharge date and time for One Piece chapter 1073, along with a breakdown of the leaked manga spoilers.

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One Piece chapter 1073 launch date and time

One Piece manga chapter 1073 is scheduled to launch across the globe in English on Sunday, January 29.

The latest manga chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s iconic assortment will launch for on-line finding out on the next worldwide events:

  • Pacific Time – 7 AM
  • Eastern Time – 10 AM
  • British Time – 3 PM
  • European Time – 4 PM
  • India Time – 8:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 11 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 1:30 AM

Access to the entire catalog of printed One Piece chapters on Viz Media will worth new clients $2.99 a month, Manga Plus can be on the market to acquire by the use of the App Store and Google Play.

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One Piece chapter 1073 spoilers leak on-line

The early spoilers for One Piece manga chapter 1073 have been shared on-line by the OPspoiler Twitter net web page.

One Piece chapter 1073 is reportedly titled ‘Miss Buckingham Stussy’ and choices Vegapunk creating ‘peaceful’ improvements as Caesar, Judge, and Queen look on in disgust.

The new chapter opens with Lucci’s assault on Stussy missing absolutely because of he’s attacking an illusion. Stussy takes this opportunity to make use of lipstick with Kairouseki and bites Lucci, inflicting him to instantly fall asleep.

It is then revealed that the thriller particular person whom Vegapunk spoke with was definitely Stussy and that Vegapunk had meant to make her a CP0 member. Unfortunately, Stussy can’t stop Lucci’s ending up the orders with Seraphim because of she is on the same authority diploma.

Zoro is able to defend Lilith, who comes under assault from S-Hawk as she leaves the lab; the battle rages on, nevertheless S-Hawk turns into concerned on the power of Zoro.

At the equivalent time, S-Shark assaults Edison nevertheless is stopped by Sanji; Edison lastly provides the order and all Seraphim cease their assaults. We moreover see Luffy and Chopper working throughout the lab in a panic looking out for precise Vegapunk.

Cut to Sphinx Island, the place the marines landed as Marco was away in Wanokuni; the marines captured Weevil as they tried to control the shut by village. Marco is now with Miss Bakkin, who asks him to help save Weevil stating that his lineage ought to be maintained.

Cut as soon as extra to Kizaru’s ship the place Kizaru is talking with an outdated man about Vegapunk, it’s Gorousei…However, he then reveals that his true establish is World Highest Authority – Gorouse, Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

The chapter ends with Saturn noting, “I regret that it has come to this…”

Readers should all of the time take leaked spoilers with a pinch of salt, although further detailed leaks are anticipated to be shared inside the coming days.

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By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]