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Mirror boy band stage accident footage of giant screen fall at Hong Kong concert

During a live performance in Hong Kong, a giant screen fell over and collided with two members of the Mirror Boy Band, seriously injuring both of them. This has caused a great deal of anger among the band’s most loyal fans. The entire event was captured on video by surveillance cameras at the performance as well as by the personal mobile cameras brought by the concert-goers. As soon as their followers found out about the catastrophe, their deep feelings immediately showed, since these people had no idea that a tragedy of this kind would surround them in such a way. Below are not only the detailed details you need to know, but also some truths that have not yet been revealed.

According to the exclusive reports or sources, video of the incident is being uploaded online as fifteen dancers are shown performing on stage when a large LED screen unexpectedly fell on two of them. As can be seen in the video, which went viral, the incident itself was incredibly horrifying enough to warrant such a strong response. As soon as the incident took place, chaos ensued and the audience began screaming in concern for the crew members, both of whom sustained serious injuries. As a result, the organizers were forced to end the performance while placing it under the supervision of medical staff.

What happened to the Mirror boy band?

After some time, the management team called the relevant authorities, who then investigated the entire incident and at the same time determined the error of the preparation team in setting up the screens. But amidst all of that, they also released the statement that turned the whole matter on its head by claiming that “none of the members of the band were hurt,” despite it all appearing in the video. That turned the whole debate on its head. The clip is immediately shared across social media, with virtually everyone voicing their concerns while praying for their safety.

According to the reports, the incident happened on Thursday, July 28, 2022, during the 4th of the 12 concerts performed by the Mirror Band. In addition to all of this, however, some reliable sources claim that the injured cast members were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for medical staff to treat them while praying for their speedy recovery. Their most devoted fans are always sending them positive energy and prayers in the hope that they will recover quickly. In this article we have discussed a lot of information obtained from other important sources; If something new comes out, we will no doubt make it our priority to bring it to your attention; Stay tuned to learn more.

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