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Is Matt Parkes Smith Leaving Radio X The Chris Moyles Show? Where is he going now?

The popular audio producer of “The Chris Moyles Show” on Radio X is Matt Parkes Smith.

Matt is still a regular contributor to the radio show, which is hosted by Chris Moyles. His IMDb confirms the addition of young Smith to the program’s cast in 2015.

As a result, he continues to play a significant role in the program, as evidenced by his various roles on it and his friendship with host Chris.

Unfortunately, Matt’s recent statement has brought shocking news to viewers of the show.

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Is Matt Parkes Smith Quitting The Chris Moyles Show On Radio X?

Matt, the audio specialist for The Chris Moyles Show, just shared on Instagram that he’s actually ending the program.

He posted a photo with each host on the show and captioned it, “I’ll miss the moments.” Still, he complimented me on everything he got out of the presentation.

Matt has made it clear that he is no longer a part of the acclaimed Radio X show and has no animosity towards former cast members.

He seems to be looking for other worthwhile opportunities in life besides his time on the show. He was also given a farewell by all the hosts of The Chris Moyles Show.

Where is the audio producer going now?

In an Instagram post, Matt Parkes Smith stated that he is exiting the program, although withholding all other information.

He didn’t go into much detail about his choice, including why he left the Radio X show. Also, it’s not official yet if he’ll just leave the radio network or the entire show.

According to Radio X, Matt Parkes-Smith is an esteemed producer of The Chris Moyles Show who has a pure heart.

Fans of the program are more interested in his sudden departure from Matt than the overall context of his choice.

Radio X once noted on its website that this cheerful radio host was known for his boyish charm and gullibility. The group also honored him by ranking his top five performances on last year’s program.

Due to Matt’s connection to Chris and the entire cast, his departure from the show was a very unexpected event.

Parkes-Smith, Matt TurtleKiller’s father of two goes by the pseudonym Aka

When Matt worked for the Radio X program, he was nicknamed “The Turtlekiller”. This young man, a native Brit in his 30’s, is making headway in the radio business.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the Turtlekiller graduated from South Devon College with a Triple Grade Distinction Merit. In 2007 he earned a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology.

From 2004 to 2007 Matt worked as a radio presenter at Torbay Hospital Radio before securing a permanent position at Global. By 2022, he was climbing the company’s ladder of success.

He spent two years as head of production on Gold at Gold before taking on the role of Official Audio Producer and Sound Designer for The Chris Moyles Show.

The radio expert is the father of two small sons and is married. After work, he and his wife, Daisy, look after their boys, and Matt has documented some of these events on his Instagram.

Woody Max Parkes-Smith, the couple’s youngest child, was born on January 29. However, Matt blurred the images and added emoticons to hide his sons’ faces.

He is a very discreet and private father when it comes to his children’s privacy.