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Is Keep Breathing actor married to Anna Platen?

Israeli-German actor Jeff Wilbusch, 34, has been cast in the Netflix survival thriller Keep Breathing. Wilbusch is currently dating Anna Platen, but the couple is not married.

The production, starring Melissa Barrera, who plays a Manhattan attorney who is forced to fend for herself in the Canadian wilderness after her plane landed unattended, has received mixed reviews from critics.

Hollywood reporters have questioned the film’s ability to create drama set in the bush, while the Independent called it an unoriginal survival tale.

The six-part series lacked an emotionally engaging component, despite climbing to the top of trend lists.

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Jeff Wilbusch Wife 2022 | Is Keep Breathing actor married to Anna Platen?

Keep Breathing actor Jeff Wilbusch is in a committed relationship with Anna Platen rather than being married to her at this time. It was around 2015, when they were both enrolled in the same school, when they reportedly started dating.

She works in the same circle as her IMDB and has 15 acting reviews with notable performances by Paula in Para – We Are King, Jessy Rainer in For Heaven’s Sake and Eva Ziehnagel in Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes. Just like her boyfriend, she also works in the same circle as her IMDB.

The only public evidence of their relationship comes from a few sporadic posts on his Instagram account.

Since they have an unbreakable friendship, they’re not shy about posting on social media about their outings and late-night walks.

In fact, they have never been shy about their love, which is evidenced by the fact that he even invited her to the movie theater for the screening of the Netflix movie Isi & Ossi in 2020.

You can learn more about his life by following him on Instagram at jeff wilbusch where he has over fifty thousand seven hundred followers.

What is the age difference between Jeff Wilbusch and his wife Anna Platen?

The age difference between Jeff Wilbusch and his wife Anna Platen is six years since she was born on April 15, 1995 in Dormagen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

He has established himself as a skilled actor both on stage and in cinema, and has also managed to establish a significant online presence with the premiere of Netflix Unorthodox, in which he plays the role of Moishe, a troubled man. For the role, he studied Yiddish to present an authentic performance. He firmly believes in the power of storytelling to transcend cultural and language barriers.

Others may also remember his role as a terrorist on The Little Drummer Girl, starring Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgard. In this show, he revealed a darker side of his personality by playing the character of a terrorist.

In fact, he feels that the more complicated the character, the better, as he relishes the challenge of reaching a series of mental states that he wouldn’t see himself in.

Jeff Wilbusch Wikipedia- Who is he?

Jeff Wilbusch, a Jewish actor, joined his family of 14 siblings in Haifa, Israel on November 14, 1987. There he was born. Coming from a Hasidic Jewish community, he did not have a typical upbringing.

He noted that even as a young boy he was naturally curious and eager to learn about anything. He believes he could have contributed more to society if he had pursued a career in medicine or psychology rather than a career in the entertainment industry. Even in his wildest dreams, the idea of ​​becoming a movie star never occurred to him.

At thirteen he freed himself from the constraints of lifestyle to pursue an education in the Netherlands, where he first studied Economics before transferring to the University of Amsterdam to pursue a Masters in International Economics.

After making sure he had a backup plan, he calmly relocated to Munich to pursue his true passion and study theater at the Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts.