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HBO’s The Last Of Us: Who is Frank?

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  • Who is Frank in the show?
  • Who is Frank in the game?

The Last of Us is HBO’s latest hit, drawing 4.7 million viewers for the premiere and even more for the second episode. While the audience is introduced to a fair number of characters during the first two episodes, Frank and Bill are mentioned but never shown. The first episode identifies the duo as suppliers to Joel and Tess. In Episode 2, Tess is sure the guys will take care of Ellie if Joel convinces them. The third episode seems to distinguish the duo. From the preview, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more from Frank and Bill than we did in the game.


Related: HBO’s The Last Of Us – Ellie’s second silly biteThe clips shown look as if they are from early in the outbreak, when Frank and Bill first met. If true, both characters will have expanded roles in the show. It remains to be seen if the show will change the relationship between these two men by the time they meet Joel and Ellie in the present day.

Who is Frank in the show?

Murray Bartlett plays Frank in the HBO adaptation. To date, Frank has been mentioned in both the first and second episodes of the adaptation. Previews for the second episode show Frank and Bill’s first meeting, which means audiences will get to see more of it very soon. The expanded role he will take on the show should give us more insight into his relationship with Bill.

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Who is Frank in the game?

The Last Of Us Frank Joel Bell

The game doesn’t tell the audience much about Frank. We know that he and Bill have been partners for about 20 years. They helped Tess and Joel from time to time with smuggling. When Joel and Ellie meet Bill, he has already fallen out with Frank. We learn that Frank took a bunch of supplies and a car battery and left.

When Joel, Bill, and Ellie reach Bill’s truck with their battery, they find Frank’s hanging body in the same house. Frank also leaves Bill a note claiming that he hates Bill’s guts and that anything is better than living with him. It is assumed that Frank committed suicide after being wounded. As Bill tries to ignore his partner’s death, it clearly pains him to know how Frank really felt at the end.

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