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HBO’s The Last of Us: Who is Bill?

HBO’s The Last of Us was a roaring success. With a premiere of 4.7 million viewers and a follow-up episode of 5.7 million viewers next week, it’s fair to say that this show has caught people’s attention. In the first episode, we get to know our main characters, but we hear about several that we don’t see right away.

Related: HBO’s The Last Of Us – Who Is Frank?In the first episode, Ellie asks who Frank and Bill are after seeing their names written in Joel’s book. In the second episode, Tess again mentions the two men as people who are going to rip Ellie out of Joel’s hands. Even so, I mentioned that Joel would have to convince them. After the credits rolled in episode two, audiences were treated to a glimpse of Bill and Frank proper, which means we’ll finally meet them in episode three.


Who is Bill in the show?

While we haven’t seen him yet on the show, his relationship with Joel and Tess appears to be intact. Preview scenes show Bill and Frank meeting for the first time, which means their characters will likely be expanded upon in the show’s iteration of the story.

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Who is Bill in the game?

The Last of Us Bill Joel

Bill is the ultimate survival. He is paranoid, trusts no one, and has traps almost everywhere. Although it is never made clear, he has an existing relationship with Joel and Tess. He is supposed to be helping them in some way with their smuggling operations. Joel and Ellie go to Bill’s, hoping to get a car. Bill scoffs at the idea that he owes Joel such a large favor, but does not protest when Joel insists. The idea of ​​Joel leaving Ellie with Bill was not suggested in the game, so it was never brought up during the three’s time together.

Bill’s partner, Frank, has been missing since the moment Joel and Ellie show up. Bill claims that Frank took his stack of supplies and left. Bill drives Joel and Ellie on a search for a car battery that they can use. After several confrontations with the infected, the trio get their battery and find a usable truck. Unfortunately, the van is in the same house as Frank’s hanging body. Frank leaves a note for Bill expressing his dislike for the man, which Bill tries to ignore in front of Joel and Ellie. Before Joel and Ellie leave, Bill warns Joel that taking care of Ellie will only get him killed. He insists that people cannot take care of anyone if they want to survive.

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