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Ekatra brand on Shark Tank India founder, revenue, valuation, deal, products, net worth

Handmade accessories brand Ekatra was recently featured on Shark Tank India 2, find out more about the company and its experience on the show and the founder

Shark Tank India recently started its second season after its first season erupted in huge popularity. The brand-new season has become a huge hit in no time, as it featured some of the most amazing brands.

While the majority of the brands are led by men, the recent brand featured on the show is women-centric. It’s not only women-centric but also very unique in its premise.

Ekatra brand on Shark Tank India founder, revenue, valuation, deal, products, net worth in 2023

With their business Ekatra, a mother-daughter team entered the shark tank. They made a proposal to the sharks, offering excellent equity from their business of handmade items. They claimed to have a largely female workforce at their company. They stated that they appreciated their abilities and that the main issue was a lack of time.

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Since the brand bagged investments on the show, it has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to find out more about it. So, here’s what we know about it:

More about Ekatra

Design and visual communication are the roots of Ekatra Handmade Vision Business Space. The gathering handcrafted company was founded by Meenakshi and Aishwarya Jhawar, a mother-daughter team, in June 2020.

Aishwarya creates exceptional goods and designs by fusing simple design components with a hand-crafted touch. The creation of the business is a natural extension of a creative way of life that is influenced by Rajasthan’s hues, textures, artwork, fashion, and atmosphere.

Each Ektara product was developed by Aishwarya and her small creative team. They are looking for a variety of ways to express themselves in order to organize the product and add functionality from the original.

By using their handcrafted stationery and other products to communicate stories, they are growing their company and making it soul-dependent.

Its experience on Shark Tank India 2

Aman says the firm is still small, while Namita thinks they don’t currently require investors. With regard to their “feel-good factor,” Peyush awards their branding and packaging top ratings.

Even though Amit aligns with the other sharks, he nevertheless offers an option under the condition that they focus on one or two tasks rather than attempting to manage several at once. Peyush and Amit are keen to collaborate in order to advance the cause of women’s freedom since their offerings overlap. But the one item on the table that cannot be altered is his offer.

Amit brings his technical and marketing expertise to the table, whereas Peyush prefers to focus more on the manufacturing side of this firm. With the two sharks, “Ekatra” agrees to a transaction worth Rs. 20 lakhs for 20% equity and Rs. 20 lakhs in debt. She then triumphantly returns home.

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