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Boruto anime episode 285 release date and time, spoilers, where to watch ep eng sub online

Episode 285 of the ongoing Japanese anime Boruto Naruto Next Generation will air soon, know more about the release date, time, spoilers, and streaming details

In the last episode, we have seen Sasuke and Sakura come up with a scheme to sneak into Zansul’s workplace. On his route to meet Zansul, the Redaku Prime Minister’s envoy was stopped by him. He also led him to a chamber where Sasuke used genjutsu on him. If you are also watching the anime series Boruto and are excited about episode 285 we have got you covered here.

Boruto anime episode 285 release date and time, preview, spoilers, where to watch ep eng sub online

Sakura and Sasuke solve the riddle and determine the paintings’ significance. Nevertheless, the final answer is likely in Zansui’s chamber, so they now have to deal with the challenge of breaking into it. One of Sasuke’s compadres knows exactly when Meno will arrive, and he even makes a small joke about it. When Ganno gets the guts to pat it, another prisoner tries to do the same but is struck as soon as his foot leaves the cell.

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Since Sakura is only acting as a messenger, he needs to be informed of the basics before accompanying a government official visiting Zansul’s office and getting information from him. She leads him into a trap, where Sasuke applies genjutsu to subdue him. She has also discovered why Zansul’s cybernetic eye prevents him from being placed under genjutsu. Sakura enters his office as the courier, plays the disguise expertly, and even surveys the surroundings.

Boruto episode 285 release date and time 

The release date of the popular anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 285 is January 29, 2023. You can watch this episode at 10.30 a.m according to Pacific Time on Sunday. Episode 285 of the Boruto anime will be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu, TV Tokyo, and Funimation with English Subtitles.

Spoilers for episode 285

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime Episode 285 will be very exciting. The title of this episode is ‘’The Sky that Fell to Earth’’. Zansul has learned his secret and realized why there are so many dragon creatures roaming the country, he will probably have to confront Sasuke. Sasuke has also learned a way to defeat the genjutsu, therefore his success is certain.

Furthermore, Sakura may join the conflict to support her husband if necessary. The only significant danger posed by Zansul is his vast army of dragon creatures, which appear to be developing constantly. Fans can expect Sasuke and Sakura to correctly identify the location of the meteor. It crashed into Planet with the Ultra Particles based. They will also work out a way to remove them from the area.

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