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According to a study, Minnesota and Oregon are the fastest speaking states, while Louisiana and South Carolina are the slowest

Contrary to stereotypes of fast-talking East Coast city dwellers, Minnesota is the fastest-speaking state at 5.34 syllables per second, according to a study by the language learning platform Preply.

Louisiana, true to the Southron Drawl idea, is the slowest speaking state at 4.78 syllables per second. The average American speaking rate is 5.09 syllables per second, according to Preply.

The methodology for the Preply study, published in November, ranked 114 cities using “Steven Coat’s study of articulation rate by analyzing subtitle files from YouTube videos and Marchex Call DNA Technology’s study of speech rate on more than four million phone calls.”

Outside of runaway Oregon in second place with 5.33 syllables per second, the other fast-talking states were in the Midwest and New England. The remaining top 10 are:

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— #3 Iowa, 5.3 syllables per second.
— #4 Kansas, 5.3 syllables per second.
— #5 North Dakota, 5.29 syllables per second.
— #6 Massachusetts, 5.28 syllables per second.
— #7 New Hampshire, 5.28 syllables per second.
— #8 South Dakota, 5.27 syllables per second.
— #9 Nebraska, 5.25 syllables per second.
— #10 Vermont, 5.23 syllables per second.

The list of the slowest speaking states is testament to the common cultural notion that the Deep South has a long-winded diction. After last place Louisiana, the remaining bottom 10 are:

— #49 South Carolina, 4.80 syllables per second.
— #48 Mississippi, 4.82 syllables per second.
— #47 Alabama, 4.87 syllables per second.
— #46 Georgia, 4.89 syllables per second.
— #45 New Mexico, 4.90 syllables per second.
— #44 Arkansas, 4.93 syllables per second.
— #43 North Carolina, 4.93 syllables per second.
— #42 Texas, 4.95 syllables per second.
— #41 Illinois, 4.96 syllables per second.

Of the slowest states, only Illinois is above the Mason-Dixon line. Cities played a large part in determining the ranking of states; Portland, Oregon speaks the fastest at 5.38 syllables per second, helping make Oregon the second fastest state when it comes to speech.

Fast speaking, however, is not played out in Peoria, Illinois, which was ranked as the slowest-speaking city at 4.71 syllables per second.

As for the stereotype that New Yorkers talk fast, it’s a case of misperception by the rest of the country, the study finds. Preply noted that while New Yorkers may not be talking fast, ranking as the 37th fastest-talking state, they speak often and outperform the nation in terms of the amount they babble.

California, New Jersey, Nevada and Maryland rounded out the top five talkiest American states. Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas and Oklahoma are among the five tightest states.