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A viral video shows a giant screen falling onto the stage at a concert in Hong Kong

Mirror Boy Band accident: A viral video shows a giant screen falling onto the stage at a concert in Hong Kong

During a live performance by boy band Mirror in Hong Kong, a giant screen fell on two of the members.

A video of the incident, showing 15 dancers on stage while an LED screen falls on two of them, is circulating online. The screen first hits a dancer directly while the audience screams in disbelief at the chaos, then it tips over and hits another performer. The moment the others realize what’s happening, they rush to help the injured cast members.

According to police who arrived at the scene, none of the band members were injured in the incident.

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The incident happened on July 28, 2022 during the fourth of the band Mirror’s 12 scheduled concerts. The ensemble, a well-known 12-piece Hong Kong band, is credited with bringing back Cantopop.

A giant screen fell on two members of the band Cantopop Mirror in Hong Kong tonight in an unforgivable technical failure.

According to local media, the injured performers were urgently taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. According to reports, one of them has serious neck injuries and is in critical condition; the other is stable.

In addition to the two performers, a spectator was injured in the incident. Two other spectators who were nearby when the screen fell were in shock but did not require medical attention.

After the incident, the show was canceled and everyone in the arena was told to leave the arena.

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The stage set-up for @MirrorHK12 Hong Kong’s performance at the Coliseum drew criticism from fans. They claimed that not only their idols but also all the dancers and performers were in grave danger. It looks careless from the outside. Who gave this permission anyway?

But this wasn’t the first time the boy band had performed in Hong Kong when an incident erupted on stage.

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Frankie Lui, a member of Mirror, walked off the side of the stage while he was acting on another show. The artist seemed to stumble during a speech.

Because of this, the organizers of the festival have been accused by petitioners of neglecting the welfare of the artists. An online petition has also been launched in connection with concerns about the safety of Mirror members at concerts. The petition implores the event’s planners to ensure the safety of the dancers and band. In addition, it calls for no additional props or high platforms to be used.

The 23 meter high Hong Kong Coliseum was the scene of the concert on Thursday. The government agency responsible for overseeing the site is the Department of Recreational and Cultural Services.

All upcoming performances at the venue are currently cancelled.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said in a statement he had called on the Ministry of Leisure and other organizations to investigate the situation. As part of his request, he instructed them to “check the safety criteria of comparable performance activities”.

Lee further said:

“I’m amazed at what happened. I offer my condolences to all those injured and wish them a speedy recovery.

Hong Kong culture minister Kevin Yeung said in another statement that the leisure bureau had spoken to the organizers of the concert about the incidents that took place there.