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5 best countries in the world for women to live

Women go through a lot in any country with repressive and discriminatory traditions and laws, but what are some of the best countries to be a woman?

Women can feel alone and frightened in some countries while being freely accepted in other countries’ public life.

Based on the Women’s Peace and Security Index 2021–2022, we’ve listed the top 5 nations for women.

Norway is one of the best countries for women to live in, and there is 100% financial inclusion for women. All the countries on this list have 100% financial inclusion. Women have 45.6% of parliamentary seats. There are zero discriminatory norms and zero violence against women. Women largely feel safe and there is only 4% of intimate partner violence.

Finland comes in at a close second, there is 96% to 100% financial inclusion for women in Finland, not to mention that women have 46% of parliamentary seats and there are only 1% discriminatory norms. There is zero organized violence against women and women feel safe. Intimate partner violence is only 8%.

Women have a 64.2% employment rate in Iceland, making it one of the best places for women who work. They have no discriminatory laws or norms and women makeup 39% of their parliamentary seats, pretty low yes, but there is zero crime against women and only 3% intimate partner violence.

Denmark has a 54% employment rate for women and 100% financial inclusion. Parliamentary seats are at 39%. There is no organized violence against women and the rate of intimate partner violence is 3%. There are just two discriminatory norms and zero laws that discriminate against women. Generally, the perception of safety among women is 79%.

Luxembourg is ranked number 5. With a high employment rate (54%), and 31.7% of parliamentary seats belonging to women. Luxembourg has just 2% discriminatory laws and zero violence against women. Intimate partner violence is at 4% and there is no legal discrimination against women.