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Who is she? Israeli lady claims an intelligence agent attacked her

Tamar Ben-Haim: Who is she? Israeli lady claims an intelligence agent attacked her

“You can travel to another country, beat someone almost to death and then leave with no consequences?” asked the woman.

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s July 13 visit to the country, a woman from Israel claims she was viciously assaulted by a US Secret Service agent. Tamar Ben-Haim recently spoke to Fox News Digital about the alleged attack. She recalled how a “big man” suddenly appeared in front of her as she was walking home from a friend’s house and started attacking her.

On Monday, July 11, reportedly after midnight, the incident happened on a well-known and congested thoroughfare in a Jerusalem neighborhood. She listened to her headphones and looked at her cell phone. Ben-Haim claimed: “He started punching me in the chest before I knew what was going on. I felt a violent slap in the face.

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The man allegedly continued to attack her “on and on” and treated her like a “punching bag.” Apparently he didn’t stop there. Ben-Haim added that she was even more scared when she saw the man carrying a gun in a holster. I was completely shocked, she remarked. He was so powerful. I couldn’t resist in the slightest. I said to myself, “You’re not going to get through this.” You’ve reached the end of your life.

Luckily, a nearby bystander shouted in English and “finally managed to restrain and free her attacker from his clutches” after claiming to know her alleged attacker. The 30-year-old woman claimed she fled the scene as soon as possible and also called local police, who told her to return to the scene and take photos of the agent, which she did and turned over to police.

However, Ben-Haim claimed the police never got back to her. A few days before Biden’s visit to Israel, she added, rumors were circulating that a US presidential representative “was briefly detained by Israeli authorities after a ‘physical encounter’” and was deported to the US; However, she did not know if this was the person she claimed to have attacked.

Despite this, she finally found out after being contacted by Israeli TV station Arutz 13 for an interview. She claimed the media informed her that the defendant worked for the Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team and was in the country on official duty prior to Biden’s visit.

“When I found out who he was, I just felt more hurt and angry,” Ben-Haim claimed. He’s not a homeless person on the street. He has combat experience. She went on to claim that she had not been contacted by US investigators about the case. The Israeli police informed her that the man had been brought back, but gave no further details.

Ben-Haim went on to criticize the US government, saying: “You can go to another nation, beat someone almost to death and then just disappear without consequences. This person is not a citizen of a developing country. America is the example of the world and he works for the President. They just put him back where he started like nothing happened and they expect me to get on with my life.

According to Fox News Digital’s report, the woman is considering taking the case to court and is also considering “applying for an expedited visa to weigh her options and recuperate with family in the United States.”