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Who is Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar of Austin TX on The Bachelor season 27, her age, job and Instagram

The Bachelor Season 27 is out and fans are about to meet the 30 new bold and beautiful women vying for Zach Shallcross’ heart including Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar

One the women who all are trying to impress Zach is Kaitlyn Biggar who is also known by her name “Kaity”. Kaity is a private person as she doesn’t like to expose her personal life much and her social media presence does not speak much about her.

Who is Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar of Austin TX on The Bachelor season 27, her age, job, Instagram

Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar is a young 27-year-old hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Presently, Kaity resides in the state of Austin, United States. Well, this must be the upper hand of Kaity as Zach also resides in Austin, Texas.

She is a travel nurse and her Facebook profile tells that Kaity is a registered nurse in the department of emergency. She went to study at the Bayridge Secondary School and as per ABC. Kaity has an interest in figure skating and was raised doing the same. Kaity is a lover of roller coasters and swimming too.

Football Highlights

Kaity is among the strongest contenders in Season 27 as she is not afraid to interact with and approach men. She is described as 100% wife material. The Canadian nurse is passionate about her career and at the same time knows how to be involved with other people. Kaity is a down-to-earth person with a great sense of humor.

Wishing to find a better half, she is Biggar, “I truly hope to find love. I have so so so much love to give to the right man in my life.” Her perfect man is someone who is just ready to start a family now as she is ready for it. In addition, not wanting to have kids is a deal breaker for Kaity but thankfully, Zach is open to becoming a husband and a father in the near future. Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar has not revealed much about her family members yet but she might reveal their names on the show soon.

Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar’s net worth

Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar is estimated to have a net worth close to $300k in 2023.

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