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What is a Sigma Face, meaning explained and tutorial as meme goes viral on TikTok

The sigma face appears to be TikTok’s newest favourite expression, but what does the trending expression actually mean, know its meaning and tutorial explained

You’ve undoubtedly seen the “sigma face” if you’ve seen someone try to turn in their raised eyebrows while appearing to pout.

We investigate the meaning of the sigma face and how you may create it for yourself as the expression spreads across TikTok.

What is a Sigma Face, meaning and how to do it as meme goes viral on TikTok

The sigma face has primarily gained popularity online for use as a reaction, even if its meaning appears to have changed over time.

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The statement was used by @argenby in the first version of his popular film in response to another that appeared to depict a male rejecting a woman’s approaches.

The caption of the video includes the hashtag #sigma, which later came to stand for the trending expression. According to Urban Dictionary, the term “sigma” describes a particular kind of guy that exudes authority and is successful and autonomous.

In videos, @argenby has also hinted at this concept, citing a post that described what being a sigma implies and listed “respect” as one of its qualities.

What Is A Sigma Face Exactly?

For those who are unfamiliar with the expression, it involves users pouting their lips and angling up their eyebrows. In essence, the lip movement has a more smug tone, while the eyebrows resemble a more depressing face.

The look has been compared to the face-exhaling emoji, which shows how the mouth is pouting and the eyebrows are angled inward.

Following its use in a video by a creative going by the handle @argenby in November last year, the sigma face became popular on TikTok. The expression has subsequently swept over TikTok as others were keen to imitate it, and the video currently has over 95 million views.

Horror lovers who have seen the timeless 2000 film American Psyco probably know the phrase as one Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, also uses it.

As he has made references to the film and even dressed up as the character in prior postings on his page, @argenby has already mentioned the American Psyco origin of the face.

Since the original tweet, @argenby has continued to use the sigma face in various postings, and it appears that there are now a few different variations of the expression.

Creator Demonstrates The Sigma Face

The TikToker, who first popularised the phrases, has previously revealed the technique for mastering them to their fans. @argenby previously posted a three-step technique for recreating the sigma face.

Your elevated eyebrows should be turned inward as you frown in the first stage. You’re on the right track if you picture the iconic Dawson sobbing face meme.

The next stage is to attempt to keep the mouth still and retain the same brow furrow. Finally, finish it off by grinning and mouthing “oo.”

For those who find it difficult to lower their eyebrows, the designer has also covered that in a different video.

The video demonstrates how to elevate your eyebrows first, then angle the inner ones together to resemble the point of a triangle.

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