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Watch fan falls off second floor at Drake apollo theater concert, video goes viral

At Drake concert at the Apollo Theater on Sunday, January 22nd, a fan fell off the second floor with the video viral

When the incident occurred in the middle of his act, the God’s Plan singer had to stop performing.

The singer, or “Drizzy” as his fans name him, was preparing to perform alongside rapper 21 Savage when a fan fell from the second-floor mezzanine into the orchestra pit below.

As soon as a member of the crew saw the fan fall, they alerted Drake, who abruptly halted the performance.

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Fan falls off second floor at Drake apollo theater concert, video goes viral


A fan who fell off a balcony at a Drake concert fortunately escaped serious injury. After the rapper made his declaration, the lights came on and security personnel rushed to the scene to help the sufferer. Insider reports that the venue confirmed that no one was hurt and that the event continued as scheduled.

A man at the event was quoted saying, according to the publication:

“Everybody is absolutely OK. They are being checked on. Nobody’s hurt. But I got even better news for you. We’re at the Apollo so the show must go on.”

Drake was grateful for audience to maintain a positive vibe

At the end of the event, Drake expressed regret to his audience and expressed gratitude to them for maintaining a positive vibe all night.

A fan of Drake can be seen tumbling off a balcony in viral videos. The musician originally denied knowing about the fall, but then admitted it on stage with 21 Savage and told his crowd. In another clip, the injured spectator is helped along by a member of the crew as they leave the stadium.

Drake’s setlist spanned his whole career and included 40 songs. The concerts at the Apollo were intended to happen last year, but they were postponed twice: once because of the death of Migos rapper Takeoff, and again because of technical difficulties with the musical production. 21 Savage, The Diplomats, and Dipset all made appearances during the concert.

Future tour by Drake

Meanwhile, there is talk that Drake and 21 Savage, who worked together on the album Her Loss, will go on tour this summer. The tour, whose name has been rumoured to be “It’s All A Blur,” is rumoured to begin on May 26. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Glendale, Foxborough, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta, Inglewood, and Las Vegas can be seen on the leaked itinerary as well.

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