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Sepal Auto on Shark Tank India founder, revenue, valuation, deal, funding, net worth

Sepal Auto, an automotive accessories brand, was recently featured on Shark Tank India 2, know about its founder

Find out more about the company and its experience on the show.

People from the younger generation enjoy traveling and taking road trips on bikes, and the market for two-wheeler accessories is rapidly expanding. The most-watched business reality program on Sony TV in India, Shark Tank, just continued this trend.

With new company proposals and concepts, the popular show returns in 2023 for season 2. Season 2 of Shark Tank India was announced, featuring fresh business ideas, pitchers, and investments following the success of Season 1 of the show.

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While the second season of Shark Tank is full of interesting pitches, Sepal Auto Business, a firm that sells car accessories, caught the attention of both sharks and viewers. Despite the fact that most sharks are unable to grasp much about the brand, it still attracts investment.

Sepal Auto on Shark Tank India founder, revenue, valuation, deal, funding, net worth in 2023

Since then, the company has become the talk of the town, with many people curious about it. Due to this, many people are trying to find out more about it. So, here’s what we know about it:

More about Sepal Auto

With the aid of resources and electronics, Sepal Auto strives to continue developing new two-wheeler vehicles that have the comfort of four wheels. It started seven months ago in Hyderabad.

The creators of this startup are Vidhey and Kashyap Addepally.

Kashyap Addapalli, the Chief Operating Officer, has eight years of expertise in the design sector, while Vidheya Addapalli, the Chief Executive Officer, holds a B.Tech. from IIT Bombay.

Easily connected to any motorcycle, Sepal is a folding canopy that shields the rider from the sun, rain, dust, and cold. These attributes turn it into a tool for offering riders protection when needed.

It also incorporates electronics, handle buttons, and a smartphone app to provide passengers with all the IoT conveniences found in a car. The Sepal Auto two-wheeler accessory now includes features including navigation, phone alerts, and music.

Products of Sepal Auto

  • Sepal Shield: It is a bike protection that is designed to protect the bike from heat, dust, and pollutants.
  • Sepal IoT Module: It is an infotainment platform that will help riders control navigation, music, etc.
  • Sepal Thigh Flaps: It is a useful accessory that shields the rider’s legs from either side.

Its experience on Shark Tank India 2

Anupam, Aman, Amit, and Namita did not understand the business strategy of Sepal Auto and believed that the technological features they were offering would ultimately be found in electric motorcycles. However, Piyush Bansal was drawn to Vidhe’s life narrative and, having faith in the company’s creator, made an offer.

Piyush Bansal requested 2% of the stock for 50 lakhs, with the company valued at $25 crores. Only Piyush had made the first bid, and as a result, only Piyush got this deal. Piyush Bansal purchased 2% of the company’s stock for Rs. 50 lakhs.

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