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Sam and Violet time traveled at the resort, right? theories

The Resort by Peacock doesn’t fit into any genre. At first glance it seems like an ordinary Christmas mystery, but as the series progresses the story expands to include themes of love, loss, sadness and catharsis. The show’s cast and crew have admitted in several interviews that it contains sci-fi elements like time travel. The show’s premise seems like a great place to try out these ideas. In 2022, Noah (William Jackson Harper) and Emma (Cristin Milioti) travel to Yucatán, Mexico to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Although it doesn’t say it outright, their relationship isn’t perfect. Emma has had a mishap while attending one of the planned activities and finds a broken clamshell phone. She learns that Sam Knowlston (Skyler Gisondo), Violet Thompson (Nina Bloomgarden) and other tourists disappeared the day before their hotel was devastated by a major hurricane.

Many of you may be wondering if Sam and Violet have gone back in time since disappearance is the main mystery in the series. What you need to know about it is listed below. spoilers to follow.

Sam and Violet: time travelers or not?

On Christmas Eve 2007, Sam and his parents fly to the Yucatán. Hannah, his girlfriend, is also there. Sam learns that Hannah is having an affair with her professor while they are airborne en route to the Yucatán. Violet and her father arrived earlier than Sam, but they both stay at the same hotel, the Oceana Vista Resort. Sam gets injured while skateboarding, which brings them together. They become intimate quickly. As Violet discusses her mother’s death, Sam informs her of Hannah’s infidelity.

Sam and Violet could be gone now for a number of reasons. As far as we know, they were not at the hotel when the hurricane hit. Therefore, there is a possibility that a severe storm was the reason for their sinking. Alternatively, they could have been murdered by Alex, the hotel owner, or Baltasar Fras, the enigmatic Santa Claus.

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However, Sam and Violet’s fate might be a bit more complicated than just dying in the hurricane or being killed by their hosts, especially given that time travel is meant to be factored into the story in some ways. We know Violet is in the Yucatán from a note by her mother in Illán Iberra’s book, La Desilusión Del Tiempo. To meet Violet’s mother “here” was on the note. We can assume that Violet thinks her mother meant the Mexican state when she said “here” because she decided to come to the Yucatán.

Iberra is quoted at the beginning of the series as saying, “Trying to reconnect with the past is a waste of time. The past does not exist in the present because it only exists in the past. The concept of time travel is undeveloped. Iberra may not be a real author, but his words make it clear that time will play a significant role in the story. The fact that the program has been called a “quick mystery about the disappointment of the times” only supports this idea. Therefore, while the idea of ​​time travel may be crucial to the story, Violet’s and Sam’s experiences probably weren’t caused by it.