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Ryan O’Hare and Lucy Ellem’s Net Worth and Relationship Explained

Sarah Murdoch’s Brother: Ryan O’Hare and Lucy Ellem’s Net Worth and Relationship Explained

Ryan O’Hare, Sarah Murdoch’s brother, serves as the CEO of Keypath Education International Inc. for Australia and Asia Pacific.

O’Hare currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. A moderate golfer, he is a staunch supporter of Liverpool FC and Essendon.

Sarah Murdoch, an Australian actress and model, is the brother of Shaun O’Hare, spouse of Ryan’s sister-in-law, Lucy Ellem.

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In October 2020, Shaun O’Hare, founder of global energy and telecoms management company Eutility, proposed to Lucy Ellem, an actress best known by her stage name “Lulu Belle.”

Ryan O’Hare: who is he?

The People’s Choice Finalist for the Irish Australian Business Awards 2019 is Ryan O’Hare.

When Ryan O’Hare made the decision to start his own business, he founded Keypath which is now one of Australia’s companies overseeing the fastest growing online education programmes.

In his opinion, it all started with the idea that there should be wider access to top-notch online degrees from international universities to better prepare busy professionals for the future of work.

Seven years later, he now leads what has grown into an $80 million company with over 250 employees.

O’Hare graduated from Utrecht University and spent a year teaching English in Marseille, France.

He believes this is when his passion for learning first developed.

Since then he has dedicated his entire career to various forms of education and learning, sometimes in companies and sometimes in academic institutions, but always in a learning environment.

He left Northern Ireland shortly after graduating.

After enrolling, the Explorers Programme, a graduate program run by Invest Northern Ireland, took him to France and the USA.

O’Hare began working for Pearson Australia Group as their National Learning Solutions Manager after moving to Australia where he stayed for an amazing five years. It gave him the certainty that he could do this task alone.

After leaving Pearson, the current CEO sought partners and investors to help him fund and build his own company.

He considers his family and children to be his greatest achievements to date.

His most fulfilling achievement was starting a new life for himself and his family in Australia.

Ryan is committed to building a company that honors the commitments and standards it has set for its employees, academic partners and students.

Lucy Ellem, who is she?

The burlesque dancer and model is called Lucy Ellem. Lulu Belle, Ellem’s stage name, is better known.

She became engaged to Shaun O’Hare, model Sarah Murdoch’s sibling, in October 2020.

Ellem boasts of her mastery of the “arts of trapeze, burlesque and seduction”.

She and Shaun, the CEO of Eutility, began dating in November 2018 and got engaged in October 2020.

She even came as a guest to Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch’s 20th wedding anniversary celebration in April 2019.

O’Hare dodged their relationship status at the time, and both changed the photos on their social media profiles to show them separately.

Ryan O’Hare Net Worth

Ryan O’Hare’s net worth is still unknown.

As a successful CEO, O’Hare believes he must create the conditions for Keypath’s incredibly capable team to thrive.

Keypath is part of the rapidly growing higher education industry of online program management.

Currently, the organization has 32 partner universities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Malaysia with which it works to offer courses to around 30,000 students.

The company’s nine Australian partners contributed 45% of sales in 2020.

So it’s reasonable to assume that O’Hare has a steady source of cash and a nice life.