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Jordan B’s little mother mourns his death. Where is rapper JayDaYoungan now?

Jordan B’s little mother mourns his death. Where is rapper JayDaYoungan now?

In his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana, 24-year-old Javorius Scott, also known as JayDaYoungan, was shot dead.

The rapper was known for tracks like “Muddy Situation,” “Catch Me in Traffic,” and “23 Island.” A close family member, Kenyatta Scott, Sr., was injured in the altercation, according to authorities.

Police reported a shooting in the 600 block of Superior Avenue just before 6 a.m. that evening. One person was taken to the Our Lady of the Angels emergency room, according to responding police officers.

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While still present, a second victim suffered serious injuries that required immediate attention from emergency services before they could be taken to an emergency hospital. The internet was shocked by the rapper’s death, but his partner found it even harder.

Jordan B’s mother, rapper JayDaYoungan, is mourning his loss

Popular social media star Jordan B and JayDaYoungan have a child together. June 2020 saw the birth of her child.

She had one child with JayDaYoungan before his death, although they were not romantically linked. She and the rapper were happily co-parenting the child before the fatal shooting.

After it was revealed that Jordan seemed to want and enjoy the death of Carena’s child, she received a lot of criticism and criticism online.

When the model lost her baby, it was the worst grief she’d ever experienced.

It was reportedly stillborn, and Carena eloquently described the horrific event and its impact on her life on her Instagram account.

She announced her pregnancy afterwards, and a few pictures of her growing baby bump showed how much the child meant to her.

Jordan B, current location of the social media influencer

Jaydayoungan’s mother, Jordan Brooks, is active on social media. She and the rapper are proud to be co-parenting their son @jr baby23.

Unfortunately, a shootout claimed his father’s life today. Jordan has faced a lot of online criticism lately.

She reportedly wished for Carena’s child dead, which has angered users on Twitter and other social media platforms.

She has disabled comments on all of her accounts. Due to the hate, Jordan has stopped posting pictures of her child on the Instagram account his parents set up.

Some of the comments are disturbing and difficult to understand. You begin to wonder what the little child did to deserve this hostility.

Instagram and the business of Jordan B

Jaydayoungan’s child’s mother, Jordan B, is a well-known model and internet personality.

She has 62.2k Instagram followers which makes her quite well known. The social media sensation uses the @1realjordanb Instagram handle.

She is not only a model, but also a future cosmetologist and businesswoman. Jordan Beauty Brand is the name of the beauty company that owns it.