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How to remove duplicate photos from your iCloud account on iPhone

Since iPhones come with non-expandable internal storage, many owners rely on iCloud cloud storage as a backup — that is, until they get the dreaded “iCloud storage full” message, which will happen no matter what awesome iPhone you own. Unfortunately, Apple only offers 5GB of storage for free, after which you can sign up for 50GB for $1.29 per month or 200GB for $3.99 per month. The price jumps more than three times to $12.99 per month if you want to upgrade to 2TB of storage. Before you take that leap with your iPhone, like the new iPhone 14, you can find out if you really need the space by cleaning up your iCloud account and removing the content you don’t need.

One of the biggest things to look out for is duplicate photos if you have multiple Apple devices, for example, a photo can be uploaded to the cloud from all three devices. If you take several shots and forget to delete other, less flattering, almost identical photos, this is also important. Before iOS 16, you needed a third party software to find duplicates. But an update in the new iOS makes it possible to do that directly from the Photos app.

Here is how to find and remove duplicate photos from iPhone directly.

  1. Go to your …… Photo album and click albums in the bottom menu.
  2. Scroll down to services, Where you will find a folder called redundant. select it.
  3. Duplicate photos will appear in date order, each with a file Merge button. Click this button to combine two or more photos into one. The feature will analyze images and intelligently retain as many details and metadata as possible, keeping only the best version of the image.
  4. Go down the line and repeat this step for all the duplicate photos you want to merge.
  5. To combine groups of photos at once, tap Choose in the upper-right corner of the screen, then scroll the list down and select all the photos you want to combine at once.
  6. Then press Choose Again, then Select all in the upper-left corner, then Merge At the bottom (you will see the number of images to be merged in brackets next to the word Merge). You may be warned that only a selection of the total are exact copies while others are the same, at which point you can decide whether to merge all copies or only exact copies.
  7. Faucet Merge below and confirm.
  8. Once you delete these duplicates, as long as you have iCloud Photo sync turned on, the duplicate photos will also be deleted from iCloud.

Cleaning duplicate photos from your iPhone can prevent you from upgrading to a larger iCloud plan when you really don’t need one and is generally a great way to save space on your account. With a recent update to Apple Photos that automatically lets you share photos with family, families can view photos from everyone. But this can also lead to a lot of redundancies. So, cleaning your iPhone from duplicate photos will also benefit iCloud backup. You will only keep the photos you need and not many formats.

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