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Exploring the release date, history and other information

The Wrong Inside Man: Exploring the release date, story and other information

This Friday, Lifetime is showing The Wrong Inside Man as the final episode of the Vivica A. Fox-directed thriller series Keeping Up With the Joneses. The second episode of the series, which debuted on LMN on July 8, 2022, released a new chapter each subsequent Friday until its conclusion on Friday, July 29 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Keeping up with the Joneses, directed by David DeCoteau and narrated by Kandi Burruss, centers on Robin Jones, played by Fox and her four stepdaughters Pam (Arie Thompson), Carrie (Ciarra Carter), Kayla (Shellie Sterling) and Tara ( Jasmine Aivaliotis). The four join forces with Robin, the well-known and wealthy matriarch who is forced to take drastic steps to protect her family and growing business.

After Ted McGinley’s Webb returns safely from a near-death experience, the Joneses must be ready for battle and endless action-packed drama. The startling revelations and discoveries about the family’s close relatives from the previous chapter continue in The Wrong Inside Man.

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The Wrong Inside Man: plot, teaser and other information are included

The final film in the four-part series, Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Inside Man, will be released this Friday. There will undoubtedly be a bang and some surprising revelations. A series of startling admissions were made at the end of the previous chapter, The Wrong Marriage, beginning with Sheldon’s longstanding relationship with Webb.

Tara later learns that Eve is a con artist who wants the family’s money and is not who she says she is. However, the youngest Jones sister is taken hostage by the con artist before Pam learns the truth. Her main goal is to make money, and she won’t think twice about blocking her route to warn people of Tara’s serious danger.

The Joneses’ situation seemed to be deteriorating rather quickly. Although the penultimate chapter explains a fair amount of story arcing, it will most likely wrap up any loose ends. But for now, a few issues remain, one of which is significant: Sheldon helps Eve, the con artist, bring down the Joneses. It probably contributes to the franchise’s most enigmatic mystery.

The teaser begins with a clip of Tara being strapped to a chair by Eve while she is blindfolded. In return for money, the scammer openly guarantees the youngest sister’s protection. Meanwhile, Lance, who had agreed to become the insider on Webb’s intentions to help the Jones family, is heard discussing exploiting the group. One can only hope that it is all part of a larger scheme.

When Kayla finds out about her sister’s close relationship with her fiancé, she and Pam get into an argument that is shown to the audience. Kayla is reminded by Robin that they still have to focus on running their business, among other more important things. Now that the FBI is working aggressively on the case, the family is shown continuing to talk about Leo.

As the teaser comes to an end, Robin is approached while on the phone with Pam. Robin challenges the individual and says:

“I had faith in you. Why anything about it?”

The official synopsis of The Wrong Inside Man is as follows:

“William French’s evil plan to get back together with Kayla is stopped. When Tara learns Eve’s true identity and motivation, she once again proves her intelligence. Webb is completely duped by Lance’s trick. The family devises a strategy to permanently defeat not just Webb but all of their enemies and become richer and more influential than before.”