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Do Andi and Emlia reconcile in Rebelde?

Even though Emlia Alo is dating Sebastián Langarica aka Sebas in the Mexican youth drama “Rebelde” on Netflix, Andrea Agosti aka Andi appreciates her beautiful friendship. Emlia breaks up with Sebas after learning the extent of his manipulation and cruelty. She then teams up with Andi and tells her classmates about their new relationship by kissing them on stage during The Battle of the Bands.

Emlia and Andi begin the second season of the Spanish language program by cementing their relationship on EWS. However, Emlia’s attempts to keep them together after a setback ultimately causes her to break up with Andi. So do they reconcile at the end of season two? Let us offer the solution! spoilers to follow.

Do Andi and Emilia ever reconcile?

Andi is inspired by Emilia to attend auditions and develop into a talented drummer when she comes to EWS. With Emlia’s help, Andi, who initially lacks self-confidence, succeeds in her goal of becoming a well-known musician. Andi becomes a better person and musician through their connection. She develops and creates a song in the second season to convince herself that she is brilliant at what she is doing. Meanwhile, Emilia’s graduation date is approaching. Unable to remain in Mexico after graduation without a job, she seeks one with the help of Gus Bauman, the new head of EWS’ MEP program, a well-known music producer.

Emlia is an amazing singer, but she is unable to produce anything herself to share with Gus. Emlia has to pass off Andi’s song as her own to keep the producer happy as he only values ​​original works. Andi is hurt after finding out about the situation. To prove that she is an original musician, Andi came up with the specific song. She accuses her friend of making her feel like a talented artist after realizing she ‘stole’ the same idea. Gus is expelled from school because Andi tells him that Emlia stole her music. Emlia, angry, breaks off their relationship without giving Andi a chance to defend herself.

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But Andi and Emilia never stop loving each other. Andi takes drugs and almost dies from an overdose because she cannot accept that Emlia is no longer part of her life. Andi pardons Emlia despite the near-death experience and their paths still cross when Emlia is expelled. They clearly express their enduring affection for one another. Still, they can’t get together because Emlia has to go back to Brazil. Andi and Emlia decide against reconnecting instead of going through a period of separation afterwards.

But Andi and Emilia could benefit from Gus’ death in some way. Celina Ferrer, who is now a director at EWS, could help Emilia find a way to stay in Mexico so she and Andi can reconcile. Celina is able to hire Emlia as an office intern at the school after Luka re-enrols, which will prevent Emlia from returning to Brazil. Emlia’s interaction with Celina in the climax scenes makes her more likely to stay with EWS.

As much as Andi and Emlia want to reconcile, the only thing standing in their way is the fact that Emlia’s visa is about to expire. Emlia could be working with Celina or one of Andi’s influential friends, so they could appear together in the next third season of the show.