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Dejan Lovren’s return to Lyon

The French championship is traditionally dominated by the fight to qualify for the European Cup zone. 2022/2023 campaign is no exception. Users can follow the Ligue 1 scores on the sports statistics website, where all the teams from the world of this championship are covered. It includes Lyon, who continued to strengthen their squad in winter 2023. Thus, Dejan Lovren rejoined the team. The Croatian came to the team from Zenit, and the French club paid about 2.5 million euros for his transfer.

Lovren is already 33, an experienced defender who has achieved much at the club level and with the Croatian national team. It is noteworthy that he had previously played for Lyon. It was in 2010-2013. Now, after ten years, the Croatian comes back to the club. How this will affect the team’s scores in Ligue 1 is easy to find on the sports statistics website. Here every match in the world of this championship is covered.

In any case, the signing seems to be a reasonable decision. On the one hand, the player was inexpensive for the team. On the other hand, his experience and leadership qualities will be helpful to the team. In addition, he is familiar with the local league, so there shouldn’t be any problems with his adaptation.

Lovren’s main strengths

Lovren is already 33, but despite his considerable age by soccer standards, he has not lost his strong qualities. That’s why the fans value him. That’s why he is at the top level in football playing today. However, if highlighting the main strengths of the Croatian defender, it is worth not forgetting the following:

Football Highlights

  1. The ability to choose the proper position. Lovren reads the game perfectly. Due to this, he often finds himself in a better place than the competition. It helped the teams whose colors he defended to achieve a positive result.
  2. Good game on the “second floor.” Lovren is tall, so he often wins head-to-head duels. It is very important because he takes a lot of balls out of his penalty area during the opponents’ serves. In addition, the defender can be helpful in the attack. He often helps the team at the standards thanks to his good head play.
  3. Excellent body play. It was never a problem for the defender to rub any opponent off the ball. Thanks to this, he often prevented opponents from attacking.

Thus, the veteran will be a reinforcement for the team. Immediately after his return to Lyon, Lovren began to get regular playing practice. It is easy to follow him playing football today on the sports statistics website. It covers the matches of “weavers” not only in the national championship but also in other tournaments. The schedule of oppositions is tight, allowing you to keep your hand on the pulse and not miss anything significant.