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Confess, Fletch Director working on a screenplay for Fletch’s Fortune

when Admit it, Fletch Hitting theaters last year, it didn’t exactly blew the box office cap. The movie, which made about $20 million, grossed just under $1 million at the box office, amid daily and dated releases on digital platforms and a quick turnaround on Showtime and Paramount+. Nevertheless, it garnered rave reviews and fans of the scathing investigative reporter Gregory McDonald’s hoped it would do well enough on home video platforms to gain a following. While the jury may still be out on this matter, director Greg Mottola isn’t waiting for a verdict. He has already started working Fletch’s fortuneadapt to another Fletch book.

Back in September, word of a sequel to Admit it, Fletch — which starred Jon Hamm M. in the title role — was in early development. It will be based Fletch’s fortune It was no secret, since Mottola himself had expressed interest in adapting this book. Admit it, Fletch It was a passion project for Mottola and Hamm, with the latter reportedly returning a portion of his salary to help pay for the film.

“[Producer] Bill Block…he was really loyal to this one. He actually hired me to write a sequel. Will it ever be made? I’m not sure,” Mottola recently told Uproxx, adding that Block hired him for “Fletch’s fortune. And Fletch’s fortune It all happens at a press conference, so I have a lot of ideas for how to bring that into all of today’s crazy worlds.”

You can see ... below.

Fletch’s fortune is the third Fletch Novel from author Gregory MacDonald, the second Miramax has the rights. Due to an unusual situation with the original rights Fletch The film is not included in the package obtained by Miramax. Mottola didn’t say why, but those rights presumably still remain with Universal, who made a movie based on the original. Fletch in 1985. Miramax also does not have the rights cork spinoff series, which is why his character had to be replaced in Admit it, Fletch.

It seems fair to assume that there are a total of six books that Mottola and Hamm could adapt, assuming the franchise moves forward and there’s still interest. without FletchThis leaves ten books in the main line Fletch series, but four of those are not candidates for adaptation: Fletch won And Fletch, too She is a prequel, set prior to the events of the first book. While Fletch won He’s been at the center of two different attempts to adapt the property in the past (one by Kevin Smith, which would have starred Jason Lee as Fletch; and one by Bill Lawrence, which would have starred Zach Braff). Son of Fletch And Fletch’s reflection Fletch only features in a minor supporting role, introducing a new main character in the form of Jack Fletcher Faoni, Fletch’s son.

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