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Three Members Of SU Human Jukebox Band Killed In Crash Involving Tractor

The entire Southern University is going through a great shock of losing three of their youthful students who were associated with the band, as they, unfortunately, lost their precious lives on Tuesday night due to a fatal car collision. Yes, you heard right, Dylan Young, Brody Moore, and Tyron Williams have unluckily left the globe after meeting in an intense car accident. As soon as the news is getting surfaced on social networking sites uncounted reactions began hitting the headlines to such an extent, as no one had even imagined that a day their faces will collide with such a worst news.

Three Members Of SU Human Jukebox Band Killed

As per the exclusive reports or sources, all three students of Southern University Dylan Young, Brody Moore, and Tyron Williams were on their way to catch the college, but they were furious enough as their vehicle was driven faster by the driver and thus, he lost the controls over the speed in a certain manner that they could not control it and unfortunately, the car crashed with another car and the intensity of the incident was also speaking out everything, that how worst the accident was because both vehicles got crashed to such an extent.

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Who Was Killed In The Crash? Victim Identified

The tragedy took place on I-49 (northbound) north of Powhatan and was attended by the deputies, LSP, and Natchitoches Regional Medical Center EMS. Initially, the victims had transported to the nearest medical center so that, they can bring alive because they were too young to die, and therefore, they tried their best to save them but nothing worked ahead.

Because it was their destiny and therefore, they lost the world in a certain manner while leaving everyone in a great shock. As nothing is more painful than seeing the departure of someone close to us especially the young ones, and therefore, a wave of great sorrow has surrounded almost everyone.

Now, as they were associated with the band “The Human Jukebox” so now plenty of people are looking to make themselves aware of the details of the band. So Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is called The Human Jukebox. So here, we have conferred such details which have been derived from other significant sources, and when something will come to us we will make you familiar for sure, as our team is also looking to get further information. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.