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Love Me Loo: John Lennon’s toilet goes on display

Museum owner Roag Best, who is the brother of the Beatles’ original drummer Pete, told BBC News: “The man contacted us, told us it was just sitting in his house gathering dust, and asked would we like to put it on display in the museum? We thought, ‘Well, it’s a bit quirky, it’s not what we’d normally display but who’s to say what you should and shouldn’t display, so, come on, we’ll give it a go’.”

He continued: “I think visitors to the museum are going to think, ‘Are these guys mad?’ But we like to do things outside the box so it fits in perfectly. It’s a very, very fancy loo and it’s possibly the most expensive loo in the country.”

The toilet came from Tittenhurst Park where Lennon lived with Yoko Ono from 1969 to 1971, and where the late Beatle composed his classic track ‘Imagine’.

Two toilets were sold at auction from the 71-acre home which was sold to Ringo Starr after Lennon and Ono moved to New York. Best said the other toilet was sold more recently for £15,000.

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