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Aaron Judge makes his Giants dreams crystal clear in a TIME interview

The San Francisco Giants are chasing top free agent Aaron Judge, who grew up rooting for the team by the Bay.

in Curiously timed interview With TIME magazine named Aaron Judge the 2022 Athlete of the Year. In an interview with the national outlet, Judge was an open book discussing his ongoing negotiations with the Yankees and his childhood in Northern California.

The judge stated that he was unhappy with how negotiations turned out last season, and that the Yankees’ offer to him—seven years and $213.5 million—was made public. The judge called her Negotiation tacticbut was designed to make him look bad to fans and the media.

The 30-year-old also discussed his childhood in California, where he grew up as a Giants fan. Judge’s wife, Samantha Braczek, reminded him of a prediction he made in 2010 during his senior year of high school.

“I said, in 10 years, I will marry Sam,” said the judgeAnd playing for the San Francisco Giants.

So, what is the point of any negotiating tactics? The judge is going to the giants, right?

Will Aaron Judge sign with the San Francisco Giants?

While it’s smart of Judge to reflect on his childhood dream, a lot has changed since high school (as it has for most of us). Aaron Judge is the face of the New York Yankees, the most popular brand in professional sports. He has a chance to be the highest paid player in the sport, in New York, and to resume his place as the MVP in baseball.

Doing such things in New York City offers exciting branding opportunities that, despite the size of California’s media markets, San Francisco doesn’t.

The judge will get his money’s worth, that’s for sure. The Giants will probably offer more of it, both to make up for California tax laws and to try to convince a judge to leave the only professional organization he’s ever known. We’re talking about the New York Yankees here, folks.

As TIME notes, Judge’s free agency has all the makings of a massive homecoming story. But would he really have the gall to pull the trigger and Shock the Sport in the process?

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