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Sean Payton pulls the knife on the Saints missing out on Patrick Mahomes

Former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is rumored to be returning, and he has reflected on his past, especially when Patrick Mahomes was close to the St. Louis Cardinals.

New Orleans Saints approx Patrick Mahomes was in the bag in 2017 But he missed it in just one dose. The Kansas City Chiefs had a 10th first-round pick and used it on Mahomes, while the Saints had to go for a reserve pick with an 11th first-round pick.

This is, of course, an unmanageable situation for New Orleans, and the Chief’s assessment was correct, giving them one of the best quarterbacks currently in the league. However, since Drew Brees retired after the 2020 season, the Saints have struggled to find a quality replacement, and what Mahomes can do with the Saints still hurts.

Payton reflected on this and talked about the time Mahomes was almost made a saint. Steve Serby of the New York Post Interview with Paytonand Serpey began picking Payton’s mind on some of his quarterbacks and how they would influence his decision on which team to coach.

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Serpe stated, “The Chiefs traded the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft to beat you to Mahomes.”

Payton then replied, “I wouldn’t talk to you on the phone right now if that happened.”

Could it be that Mahomes’ presence in New Orleans kept Payton away from the NFL for some time? Given the amount of success Mahomes brings, it’s definitely going to be hard to walk away.

Patrick Mahomes could have made the Saints’ success look a lot different

The Saints aren’t nearly the team they were with Brees in the mix. Last season they finished second in the NFC South with a 9-8 record, which isn’t bad but not nearly what they’ve done in the past. This season, unfortunately, they’re far behind in third place in the standings with a 4-7 record heading into their Week 12 matchup against the Niners.

Before losing the Brees, the last time they didn’t win a division was in the 2016 season when they finished in third place with a 7-9 record. He has proven to be very reliable and was a veteran of the team, playing in New Orleans from 2006 through 2020.

Mahomes wasn’t much needed at the time given how well Brees was doing, but he would have been terrific on depth and one of the most reliable backups to emerge as a starter. Essentially, the Saints had no one to fill in Brees’ shoes, and they lost a lot of their success because of it.

Payton stepped down in 2021, immediately after Brice’s retirement. While there is no indication of Payton’s retirement Because Brees did, it’s hard to imagine him not wanting to stay around to watch Mahomes continue the team’s legacy when he had so much interest in him while scouting.

The Saints need someone like Mahomes because he could have redefine success for them in ...-Brees era, and it’s unfortunate that they missed him by choosing just one.