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Woman files for divorce from semi-literate husband who sponsored her to PhD level

A woman is reportedly set to formally divorce her husband after he sponsored her education up till PhD programme.

The man’s cousin identified as @Abdullahiabba_ on Twitter took to the social networking service to share the ordeal faced by his cousin.

He said the man dropped out of school after he got married so that he could support his wife’s education because her parents were not financially buoyant enough to train her.

He was able to sponsor her to PhD level, however, now that she has attained the highest academic level, she wants to divorce him.

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According to Abdullahi, the woman said she could not see herself being controlled by someone who is not educated like herself.

... reads; “My Cousin Sameer had to drop out of school after marriage just to support his wife education due to her parents were not strong enough for that just for her to attain Phd and seek for divorce from him telling him she can’t be controlled by a man who’s not educated like her. She can’t be controlled by a man who’s not up to her standards in terms of Education.”

Read some comments below…

@Kareem_Adavi; Women are mostly not attracted to men they’re ahead of in terms of height, education and/or finances. For her to remain attracted to you, you have to always be ahead of her in those areas.

@Usman_danjauro1; If a woman ask her husband to divorce her on no ground. It’s permissible in Islam for the husband to ask her for refund. So he should stop thinking abt the favor he did to her and think on how to get his money back. After all the economy is bad.

@saifusmak; “women are only loyal to their emotions and desires” They don’t care about sacrifice, a man should always be selfish and build himself to be the captain of the ship always. He didn’t learn game early.

@Bazanji4; Na the man do himself. He can play the victim all he wants, but he encouraged this when he decided to drop out of school, for her to complete her studies. No woman would settle for a man that is not as smart or successful as she is, unless she wants to play pity

@uncle______b; While building her, Husband should make sure he is always 3 or 4 times ahead of her financially. Women follow who is more richer than them🤝

@Ydabo1998; Greatest mistake of the decade putting someone first before your self, he is the one who gave her the opportunity to disrespect him. It’s not selfish this is called self worth.