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My mom rejoiced when she gave birth to me not knowing I’ll be a carpenter – Artisan

An artisan has said that if his mother knew what he will grow up to become, she would probably have reacted differently at birth.

According to the Nigerian man, when she gave birth to him, she was very happy without realising that he would become a carpenter in future.

He was having a conversation with a client while doing a carpentery work the person hired him to do.

The man who filmed him as he made the comment could be heard laughing when the artisan said; The time wey my mother born me in dey rejoice say e don born pikin, in no know say na carpenter wey im born”

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He further made jest of himself by saying that his mum would have been thinking she gave birth to a doctor or lawyer, only for them to be hit with a reality check.

The artisan said if his mum knew that he would become a carpenter when he becomes an adult, she would have thrown him into a river as a child.

Watch the video below:

Most social media users did not find the carpenter’s comment funny as they stated that it was a honourable job which some people have used to become comfortable.

zamani_zuzu; Bro be proud of who u are ….I’m not a motivational speaker but …there is always a place for gratitude… we are all living in our past answered prayers 😢🙌🙌🙌

poshest_hope; Wetin be this? 😂 If only you know some people are making it big in the furniture industry

iamehiphil; You feeling bad About it cos you are a carpenter in Nigeria, in a more civilize countries, your kind of job pay more

ballybwealth; Carpentry is not a bad job bro pray you get good contracts then you’ll know you are better than those corporate guys in offices

swimpronigeria; A lot of people have low self esteem in this country from the comments that I am seeing. If you know how much Carpenters make in this Lagos. There is Carpenter and there is CARPENTER. Choose wisely.

bimbolatoks_; Sick mindset. A whole lot of people are poor just cos they have a lazy mindset, not Lazy physically. The moment u see what u are doing as what can’t take u anywhere, you are obviously going to fail. I AM A CARPENTER AND I HAHE MADE A LOT OF PEOPLE SEE HOW BIG THE FURNITURE INDUSTRY IS.

dr_omomurewa; Self-esteem problems. People see u the way you see yourself. There are people who started from ordinary carpentry into big furniture brands! You can do it too…plus na our country wey no good, if you r in the same business abroad, you are a rich man!

voguebykendra; So if them no born carpenters, who go dey do furnitures and build houses 🤷🏻‍♀️ My country men una too complain abeg

quinetoflagos; Somebody please tell him He is doing well and doesn’t have to be a Lawyer or Doctor to succeed in life👏