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Is Shark Tank on tonight and when does season 14 resume?

Shark Tank fans may be wondering if the show is on tonight, but it has been put on pause in November 2022. This year’s businesses, including Ride FRSH Air Fresheners, Legacy Shave, Wondry Wine, Square Keg, and Nana Hats have all had the investors intrigued.

However, the Sharks can put their pens and paper down for a couple of weeks as the show is taking a short break during season 14.

Let’s take a look at the entrepreneurs who have walked into the Tank so far and when the ABC series is set to carry on…

Is Shark Tank on tonight?

No Shark Tank isn’t on tonight (Friday, November 25).

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The show usually airs at 8/7c on Fridays. But ABC fans noticed that the TV series wasn’t on the schedule as usual in November.

The last episode of Shark Tank that aired in November was episode 7 which aired on November 19.

When does season 14 resume?

Shark Tank season 14 won’t return to ABC until December 2022.

Season 14 of the ABC show started on September 23.

The two-week-long break means that from November 19 until December there aren’t any new episodes of Shark Tank.

Season 14 episode 8 airs on Friday, December 2 at 8/7c. Episode 8 features guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

Episode 9 airs on December 9.

Shark Tank 2022 businesses

In the seven episodes that have aired so far on Shark Tank season 14, viewers have seen all kinds of genius business ideas and products.

The show has seen clothing companies, food and drink brands, homeware and baby products, and much more.

Stand-out products from the series include Nana Hats, Halloween Moments’ Pumpkin Glove Scraper, Woosh air filter, The Woobles, and The Turbo Trusser.

Episode 8, airing on December 2, brings with it entrepreneurs who are aiming to ease anxiety, pitching systems for fire defense, wearable fitness devices, and a product to test your pets’ genetics.



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