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Where Is Alan Lee Phillips Now?

When Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee disappeared from the ski metropolis of Breckenridge, Colorado, in 1982, the police believed they’ve been separate incidents. Although Bobbie’s physique was positioned the following day, authorities realized that the cases have been associated solely after coming all through Annette Schnee’s physique about six months after the incident. ’48 Hours: Last Seen in Breckenridge’ chronicles the ugly murder and showcases how the police investigation witnessed no progress until superior DNA testing strategies led authorities to Breckenridge native Alan Lee Phillips. Let’s delve into the small print surrounding the murder and uncover out the place Alan Lee Phillips is at present, we may?

Who Is Alan Lee Phillips?

A resident of Breckenridge, Colorado, Alan Lee Phillips was pretty well-known throughout the metropolis. In actuality, he was correctly acquainted with native regulation enforcement officers and was working as an space miner once more in 1982. Interestingly, on January 6, 1982, the equivalent day when Bobbie and Annette went missing, the police, along with some firemen, had helped mount an all-out rescue for Alan, who was caught in his truck in a snowstorm. Finding no means out, Alan used a flashlight to flash SOS in morse code until a sheriff flying above picked up the signal and despatched in help. However, as quickly as an space fireplace chief named Dave Montoya reached Alan’s truck, he found that the miner had an infinite bruise on his face. At that time, Alan outlined it off by claiming that he had fallen throughout the snow, nevertheless the police later realized that he obtained it after being punched by Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer, who wore a brass ring on her fingers.

On January 6, 1982, every Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee went missing from the town of Breckenridge whereas attempting to hitchhike. While Annette disappeared after visiting an space treatment retailer, Bobbie was bar hopping and vanished into skinny air after informing her husband, Oberholtzer, that she might be returning home rapidly. However, as quickly as Jeff realized that his partner had not at all come home, he obtained a search get collectively collectively and combed by the native areas looking for the missing lady. Eventually, Bobbie’s physique was positioned in a wooded house off the freeway about 5 miles south of Breckenridge, and an autopsy determined that she was shot twice, leading to her demise. Even though a well being employee dominated out sexual abuse of any type, the police found drops of blood on the sufferer’s gloves and an orange sock on the underside shut by.

The blood on Bobbie’s gloves was rapidly determined to be that of an unknown male, although it was not a match to anyone throughout the police database. Unfortunately, since then, the case sat with out progress until authorities positioned Annette’s physique about six months after the incident. While Annette was moreover shot to demise, investigators noticed that she was sporting the alternative pair of the equivalent orange sock, which indicated that every murders have been related. The preliminary investigation into every murders appeared terribly highly effective as regulation enforcement officers had no leads or witnesses to work with. Moreover, whereas authorities would possibly confirm that the murders have been carried out by one particular person, the DNA didn’t end in any suspect, and people who knew the victims had no idea why anyone would wish to hurt them.

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Interestingly, whereas wanting by Annette’s backpack, which was beside her physique, the police found a enterprise card with Jeff Oberholtzer’s title on it, making him the primary suspect throughout the murders. Apart from Jeff being acquainted with every victims, the current talked about that Jeff’s alibi of being at work turned out to be false, which extra deepened the suspicions. However, he was lastly cleared of all accusations as his DNA didn’t match the one on the crime scene. Subsequently, the police checked out only a few totally different attainable suspects, nevertheless with no luck, the case sat unsolved until 2020.

Where Is Alan Lee Phillips Today?

In 2020, authorities revisited the case and used genetic household tree to trace the DNA found on the crime scene. The verify led officers to Alan and Bruce Phillips, and whereas Bruce was not a resident of Breckenridge, his brother, Alan, was a resident of that metropolis. Immediately, the police examined Alan’s DNA in direction of the one on the crime scene, and when that bought right here out a super match, he was arrested and charged with the murders.

Image Credit: Park County Sheriff’s Office/CBS News

When supplied in court docket docket, Alan pled not accountable to the prices in direction of him, nevertheless the jury believed in another case. They lastly convicted him on two counts of first-degree murder along with totally different costs of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault. As a finish outcome, Alan was handed two consecutive life sentences with out parole in 2022 and is at current held on the Denver Reception & Diagnostic Center in Denver, Colorado.